JIAM Narrator Spotlight: Gomez Pugh

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Image Celebrating Audiobook month
June Is Audiobook Month

Each June, audiophiles from around the country celebrate all things audiobook. Since we love to listen and review audiobooks here at That’s What I’m Talking About, we are participating in our own Audiobook celebration. 

What would an audiobook be without a narrator? As part of Audiobook Month, we are spotlighting various narrators so you can learn a bit more about who they are and what they do.

Narrator Spotlights!

Today we shine the spotlight on:

Gomez Pugh

Tell us how long have you been narrating books?

5 years.

What genres do you cover? Do you have a favorite?

M/M romance, Erotica, Mystery, Suspense. I love Noir.

Do you do any other voice work or acting?

Yes. I am an actor – on stage and on camera as well as narrating audiobooks.

How do prepare for a job? Does the preparation depend on the genre or type of book?

I read through the book while taking notes: questions about pronunciation, character traits, anything that happens later in the book that needs to be foreshadowed earlier, etc. I also mark up any particularly difficult passages so that when I get in the booth I have a better shot of getting through them without having to stop.

I prefer to talk with the author, but some publishers frown on that. When I have the opportunity, I almost always find it helpful. Maybe it comes from theatre background – I think the collaboration makes the project better. I am I usually find it more satisfying that just prepping on my own.

The prep is mostly the same, regardless of genre. Sometimes I have to do research on accents and dialects, depending on the world the book is set in . . .

If you could narrate any book or work with any author past or present, what would you choose? Why?

I would love to go back and narrate the old Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe stories . . . also, it’d be pretty cool to collaborate with Shakespeare . . .

Anything else you’d like to share?

I recently finished production on Loaded: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance By: Roxie Noir

And I am really proud of the collaboration Jordan Castillo Price have done on the PsyCop series. Nine and counting!

About the Narrator:

Born and raised in Northern California, and after a decade and a half in New York City, Gomez now enjoys living in The City of Angels. It’s a great town. If it wasn’t for all those damn people. When he’s not in the booth, he can be found near some body of water: the ocean, the LA River, Silver Lake Reservoir or his bathtub. . . He tends to avoid people and the spotlight, but is a sucker for dogs, free food and a well mixed cocktail.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Gomez-Pugh-180406496075276