JIAM Narrator Spotlight: Traci Odom

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Image Celebrating Audiobook month
June Is Audiobook Month

Each June, audiophiles from around the country celebrate all things audiobook. Since we love to listen and review audiobooks here at That’s What I’m Talking About, we are participating in our own Audiobook celebration. 

What would an audiobook be without a narrator? As part of Audiobook Month, we are spotlighting various narrators so you can learn a bit more about who they are and what they do.

Narrator Spotlights!

Today we shine the spotlight on:

Traci Odom

Do you have a pseudonym you’d like to share?

Tieran Wilder

Tell us how long have you been narrating books?

Since 2010 and what a ride it’s been!

What genres do you cover? Do you have a favorite?

I cover many genres, paranormal, paranormal romance, sci-fi, romance, erotica, cozy mysteries. I would say that my guilty pleasure is narrating erotica. Of course, that’s like asking which child is your favorite because I love them all.

Do you do any other voice work or acting?

I am also a film/tv/commercial/VO actor from way back. In recent years, my focus has been on audiobooks and on-camera commercial acting.

What is your favorite job to date?

I love audiobook narrating and that is what I spend most of my time doing; however, it can sometimes feel very isolating, so when I have the opportunity to be on-set with other actors, a director and crew, I feel like I’ve gone on a playdate.

How do prepare for a job? Does the preparation depend on the genre or type of book?

Each book is different really; however, I typically spend time reading the book and making any notes about questions I have for the author. Then I send those either directly or through the publisher to get feedback before I actually take the book into the studio. A lot of my projects have been in the paranormal/sci-fi world, so the vocabulary is very important in that these are worlds created from the amazing imaginations of my authors and I want to be sure that I embody their vision as much as possible through my creative process.

If you could narrate any book or work with any author past or present, what would you choose? Why?

Any book? Probably “Mists of Avalon” by Marion Zimmer Bradley. That book had a big impact on me as a young actor. I discovered it with a friend of mine and we had big dreams of making the book into a trilogy of films – of course, starring as the heroines. We even did a fun photoshoot portraying some of the characters. Having said that, I love love love narrating books by independent authors. A lot of my friends are big fans of the best sellers list and more mainstream literature; however, I’m more into good ole stories. I’m really forgiving about structure and style and grammar, too. As long as the characters capture me, I am along for the ride.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Being an audiobook narrator has opened up so much of the world to me. I’ve created lasting relationships with my authors and listeners – people I’ve not met face to face in 98% of the cases – yet I feel so close to them. I love my authors and listeners. Sometimes, in the insecure moments (like many people have), I wonder at the value of what I do. Then I remember the pleasure I get from reading my authors’ books and listening to my colleagues’ narrations and realize that if I get such happiness from their work, then I hope I give the same to people who listen to me. In this great big world, stories bring us all together. I want to thank Jen Twimom for giving me the chance to reach out to you all. I wish you much joy, love, peace, health and bounty in your lives – and of course, great adventures in audiobook-land!

About the Narrator:

Traci Odom, an American-born actor and voice artist has built a successful career that spans decades. As a stage, film and television actor, she has played everything from a tree to an Irish Setter to a lawyer, but it is as a veteran narrator of more than 95 audiobooks that she has truly found her voice, inviting her listeners into the worlds of romance, witchcraft, devilry and vampirism. To relax in her spare time, she daydreams of becoming the first female American Ninja Warrior – but then she would have to get off her couch to make that dream a reality, so she lives out her daydreams in her professional life, both on camera and on microphone. Working in close collaboration with her authors, she brings their creations to life with dynamic energy and commitment. Traci is delighted to reply to every email that comes to her through her website.

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