The Sea King’s Daughters Spotlight: Stacia D. Kelly

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Introducing an all-new series…

Mermaids left this world centuries ago. Now, they’ve returned. Meet the Sea King’s Daughters, a new urban fantasy novella series written by Phillipa Ballentine, Stacia D. Kelly, Katee Robert, Piper J. Drake, Lauren Harris, and Asa Maria Bradley.

This month we celebrate the release of the second title: Siren’s Serenity by Stacia D. Kelly.

About the Book:

  • Title of book: Siren’s Serenity
  • Author name: Stacia D. Kelly
  • Publication date: July 13, 2018
  • Series: The Sea King’s Daughters # 2
  • Purchase Info: Amazon

Loire Destan is being hunted. When a new land developer moves in next door to her spa in Rosarito, Mexico, she thinks she only has to worry about keeping the Nexus portal safe. Then, her artifacts around the spa start to go missing, the portal stops functioning, and she feels she’s being watched all the time.

Resort developer Viktor Kieran is used to getting his way. But his new neighbor, Loire is having none of his charm or good looks, and he’s finding he’s constantly losing his grasp of reality when she’s around. He’s starting to see lights in the shadows of the waters he shouldn’t and wonder if the uneasy energy around Loire should better be left alone. He can’t keep his footing around her.

When the accidents stop being accidents, Loire’s not sure who’s saving who and whether they’re both out of their depth. She’s got to protect the Nexus.

But who’s going to protect her?


This was a first for me. I’ve never fallen off my board, no matter what storm waves I rode. And, I certainly hadn’t ever been saved by a woman. It was embarrassing. She’s freaking tiny.

And gorgeous.

Mind blowing, freaking, drop dead gorgeous. With curves in all the right places and let’s not mention whatever the hell she was wearing while out in the storm. It shimmered. It god damn…in the middle of a hurricane.

And, she wanted me out of her space as fast as possible. I wasn’t stupid. I have no idea why I kept crowding up in her space. She was just so damn…enticing. Like, I wanted to lick her to see if she had salt on her skin. She smelled good. Like salty sea air.

I am a salt kind of guy.

I’m pretty sure if the lovely Jasmine hadn’t caught us in the hallway, I’d be walking back to the Playa in the torrential downpour of Hurricane what-ever-they’d-named-this-one.

Damn. I thought building down here would be eventful. I didn’t realize it would be this eventful. And, I didn’t realize Dr. Destan would be a gorgeous five foot something blonde with the kind of body that had me picturing late nights and bare skin. I’d pictured an old, wizened male running the medical spa next to the land I’d purchased. I’d figured he’d completely understand wanting to put a resort next door. I hadn’t seen cascades of blonde hair and blue eyes that looked right through me.

She wasn’t happy with me. I’d infringed on her turf and now, she was grudgingly taking me into her home domain. I should be playing nice. After all, I’m her new neighbor, although I didn’t think now would be the best time to tell her that. If her secret passages were any indication, this woman wanted no one near her domain.

And I was getting ready to intrude on it in a hard way. She was going to like me less than she already appeared to.

Interview Fun with the Author:

What is your favorite mythological creature?


Who would win: Godzilla or Kraken?


Best Villain: Jaws or Ursula the Sea Witch?


Nessie: Real or Fake?

Real, of course

Narwhal or Blue Whale?


Mermaids or Selkies?


Nemo or Dori?


Flat or Sparkling?


Madison or Ariel? 


About the Author:

Virginia-based fantasy author, podcaster, and health coach, Stacia D. Kelly is the author of the Goddess Chronicles and co-writes the Urban Samurai Series with her husband, Nick Kelly.

She is the co-promoter of the largest NPC bodybuilding shows in Virginia and runs a successful online health & fitness business with her business partner via

Stacia resides in Manassas, Virginia with her husband, son and their four-legged zoo.