Listen Up! Let’s Talk About… Selecting an #Audiobook based on the Narrator

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Back a couple weeks ago a did a special Listen Up! “Let’s Talk About” post and it was a huge hit. There are several of us audiophiles out there and we like to talk about audiobooks. So I’m going to try and feature more “Let’s Talk About” posts in the next few months. I’d love your feedback or suggestions on topics; please email me at twimom227 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Today I want to chat about picking an audiobook based on the narrator rather than the author.

I know many of us have “auto-read/buy” authors. I’ve got several: Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, and Kevin Hearne just to name a few. These are authors that I read and/or listen to pretty much regardless of what the series is because I’m pretty positive I’ll enjoy the story. Yet, I don’t have any “auto-listen” narrators. Sure, I have several narrators I absolutely LOVE (this can be another discussion), but do I listen to everything they put out there? No way. Many beloved narrators cover a HUGE array of genres, even non-fiction. There are many books I wouldn’t even consider reading, let alone listening, just because of the narrator. However…

Back in February of this year, I picked up an audiobook because Amanda Ronconi narrated the story. Now, I have to say, the book itself looked interesting; something I probably would have enjoyed in print even. However, the new-to-me author, was not on my radar, and I honestly wouldn’t have picked up the audiobook but for seeing Amanda’s name attached to it.  I adore her work with Molly Harper, and so I thought I’d give the book a chance.

Since that time, I’ve picked up two more series because of the narrators, rather than the author. Generally, I’ve ended up liking – even loving – the books and series, finding new authors and expanding my reading repertoire. I don’t know if I’ll every have an “auto-buy” narrator, but I’ll certainly look at more titles and expand my circle because of certain narrators. The closest I come to an “auto-buy” narrator is the team of narrator Renee Raudman and author Ilona Andrews, but that’s more based on the author’s works than the amazing narrator.

So what about you? Have you ever picked up an audiobook based solely on the narrator? Do you have auto-listen narrators?

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