Sunday Snippet: Calling Calling Calling Me by Natasha Washington

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About the Book

Calling Calling Calling Me
Author: Natasha Washington
Publisher: self-published
Released: September 4, 2018
Series: Name #
Genre: Contemporary Queer Romance/New Adult
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Josh chattered on and smiled a lot and talked with his hands, and Patrick tried to pay attention, but he couldn’t, really, because Josh was maybe the most attractive guy Patrick had ever seen in real life. He was small but built so nicely, and the fabric of his T-shirt strained a little against his biceps when he moved his arms. He had the kind of dark, curly hair that looked perfect no matter how much of a mess it was, and when he smiled, his whole face lit up.

Patrick was so distracted, he didn’t even realize Josh had asked him a question until he touched his arm with his fingertips and said, “Patrick?”

Patrick blinked and cleared his throat and stuttered, “Y-yes?”

“Do you have any questions for us?” Josh asked.

Patrick sort of felt like Josh should be the one asking him questions. Wasn’t Patrick the stranger who might be living with them, this random guy who’d walked in off the street and wanted to inhabit their awesome San Francisco apartment even though he was barely out of high school and drove here today in his parents’ Toyota Camry from the mid-2000s?

“Um…the rent is what you said in the email, right?” Patrick said.

“Totally,” Josh said, nodding. “And—you’d be honest with me, right, dude? You can pay it?”

Patrick was ready to, like, do a credit check or show proof of his parent’s income, but Josh was looking at him with his wide hazel eyes, seemingly ready to take him at his word.

He couldn’t believe it might actually be this easy.

“Definitely,” Patrick said, his throat dry. “Don’t you need—don’t you want to ask me—”

“I want to ask you lots of things,” Josh said, “but I hope I can ask them after you move in.”

Patrick’s stomach dropped. Was this really happening?

“Not to be too forward or whatever,” Josh backtracked, “because this is an important decision and everything, and you can have time to think about it, but I have pretty good instincts, you know?”

Patrick nodded, his mouth open a little.

“I think you belong here,” Josh said, and squeezed Patrick’s shoulder.

Patrick imagined he could feel all the imprints of his fingertips, traces of heat, even after Josh let go.

Book Blurb:

Patrick Mahoney has one goal in mind: get out of his native Fresno and find freedom in the rainbow and glitter-painted streets of San Francisco. As a college freshman, he’s sure he’ll finally have the chance to be himself, away from the judgmental eyes of his conservative hometown.

Josh Dirda’s never wanted to be tied down before, preferring the emotional ease of the one night stand. But when Patrick moves into the apartment that Josh shares with three friends, Josh is caught up in Patrick’s sly wit and quietly creative spirit. As Patrick’s self-appointed tour guide, Josh can be Patrick’s introduction to the city he loves. But after a drunken Halloween hook-up crosses lines, Patrick and Josh must reckon with their true feelings—and decide whether they can let go of the ghosts that haunt them.

About the Author:

Natasha Washington lives in Philadelphia, where she writes queer love stories in both YA (as Sonia Belasco) and romance. She has spent much of her professional life working with young people as a mentor, tutor, or therapist. When not writing, she is likely cooking, taking long, meandering walks, or listening to dance music or 90s hip-hop.

Connect with Natasha: Website | Twitter | Instagram


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