Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: My Two Husbands: A Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy by Amanda Aksel

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My Two Husbands: A Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy

Author:  Amanda Aksel
Narrator: Erin Mallon
Audio Speed: 1.0x
Series: Standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source:  Caffeinated PR Services

I was originally drawn to My Two Husbands solely on narrator Erin Mallon, then by the blurb. I mean who would be crazy enough to live with their husband and ex-husband?! Amanda Aksel is a new to me author and she does a good job of writing a romance with an unconventional love triangle between two best friends, Kyle and Jack, and Natalie. 

First I have to wonder why My Two Husbands is marketed as “A Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy”, I didn’t once find myself LOL while listening. Sure there was humor, but while I was getting into the lives of this trio I didn’t find their situation funny. I knew at least one, if not all of them would get hurt once it was all over. 

We get flashbacks in parts of the chapters (or episodes, I wonder if this story was originally released in parts) labeled “Then” to show us the history of the relationships between Natalie and both guys. She met Kyle first, but Jack is the one she has instant-a-lust with which turned into love and marriage. After their marriage fell apart, Natalie and Kyle’s friendship blossomed into romantic love. 

With the three living together, there was the ever-presence of Jack and in order for the trio to move on something had to change. My Two Husbands follows the ins and outs of friendship and marriage. 

Erin Mallon delivers outstanding performance for all three characters. She does an amazing job switching from female to male characters. In my opinion, it is hard to find a narrator who can easily do the opposite sex without sounding forced, and because Erin can do this perfectly, she is a favorite of mine. I look for titles narrated by her, and it’s helped me find some new to my authors like Amanda Aksel. 

My Two Husbands ends with two different HEAs. The listener is given the opportunity to skip the next to last chapter if you are not “team Jack” to hear Kyle and Natalie’s HEA. I fell into “team Kyle” but I listened to both of the endings. For me, Natalie and Kyle’s HEA made the most sense and felt right for the two characters. I invite you to listen to My Two Husbands and find out what “team” you are. 

My Ratings:
Story: B
Narration: A


About the Book:

What happens when you live with your husband and your ex-husband? A whole lot of trouble…

Natalie is happily remarried to her sweet, handsome husband, Kyle. Meanwhile, her strong and sexy ex, Jake, lives in their loft over the garage. Did I mention Jake and Kyle are best friends? It’s been a harmonious arrangement…until now. 

When Natalie mistakenly says her ex’s name at the worst possible moment, her husband questions whether or not she still has feelings for him. But how could she possibly still love Jake after what he did?  

In this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy told in a dual timeline, you’ll discover how Natalie’s past rivals her present. Will Natalie have to choose between her two husbands? Or will you? 

If you love humor, heat, and, piña coladas, then you’ll absolutely adore Natalie, Kyle, and Jake’s story.  

Get My Two Husbands and enjoy the escape today!