Quickie Review: A Brand New Ending by Jennifer Probst

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A Brand New Ending
Jennifer Probst
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

Brilliant! Jennifer Probst grabbed me by the feels with A Brand New Ending! 

Kyle and Ophelia’s story is a great second chance romance spanning over ten years. First, young love broken up by the promise of fortune and fame. They were the classic best friends turned lovers. 

After their break, ten years ago, Kyle comes home to write a screenplay about their story. While working on the project he works on winning back Ophelia. 

While they work on building trust again, Kyle’s father learns he is back in town and he tries to make amends to Kyle. A Brand New Ending is twice-fold with seconds chances between soulmates and an estranged father and son. It’s all heart!

My Rating:  A- Enjoyed A Lot

About the Book:

Ophelia Bishop was a lovestruck teenage girl when she and Kyle Kimpton chased their dreams to Hollywood. Kyle’s dreams came true. Ophelia’s did not. When Kyle chose his career over their relationship, Ophelia returned home to rural New York to run the family’s B & B—wiser, and more guarded against foolish fantasies. Now Kyle has come crashing back into her life, and all her defenses are down.

Kyle can’t think of a better place to write his latest screenplay than his hometown. After all, that was where he met the heart of his inspiration—his first love. He knows the damage he’s caused Ophelia, and he wants a chance to mend their relationship. If anyone can prove to Ophelia that happy ever afters aren’t only for the movies, it should be him.

As much as Ophelia’s changed, she still has feelings for Kyle. But her heart has been broken before, and she knows that Kyle could run back to Hollywood at any time. She gave up her dreams once, but maybe she can dare to change her own love story…one last time.

Release Date: October 23, 2018
Montlake Romance
Stay #2
Contemporary Romance
paperback (334 pages), e-book, audiobook
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