Sunday Snippet: Nixie and the Healer by Ellen Bard

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Nixie and the Healer

Author: Ellen Bard
Publisher: Parchment Publishing
Release Date: June 9, 2019
Series: The Energetics series #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Adult


Jebediah let go and took a step back as the fairy bared fierce white teeth up at him. She might be many inches shorter than him, but in that moment he felt a sharp spike of adrenaline as to what she might do next. He turned his palms up to show he meant her no harm. He wasn’t sure he could say the same for her.

It was then he realized that she was naked, her lithe light brown body showing no tan lines. His eyes were caught by a drop of rain that fell from her hair onto her small right breast. It followed that curve until it slid between her breasts, over her belly, and down into a tiny patch of trimmed hair. 

He swallowed, and the adrenaline was joined by a wash of arousal so strong that his groin was filled with blood in seconds. Sh*t. 

He took a step back, his hard dick obvious through the wet shorts that clung to his body. Who was this woman? 

She glanced down, and her look of anger turned to one of consideration. She tipped her head to the side, and stepped into his body.

“Jebediah,” she breathed. “I saw you in Cuinn’s vision, you know.”

He nodded. He was a fly in a spider’s web. Stuck fast in place. Whoever she was, it wasn’t safe. He thought about research and dusty books, about Feng and Fintan, anything to calm his sexual energy down. He could feel it hurling itself against the wardings and locks inside him.

The warm rain hammered down, and lightning flashed in the distance. They both ignored it.

“I saw two versions of you,” Nixie said.

He cocked his head, his interest caught. He’d take the distraction. “What do you mean?”

“I saw lonely eyes, as if you’d spurned your Svadisthana … ” She put up a palm to his cheek and he closed his eyes as her hand reached him. She touched each eyelid lightly, and put her hand on his chest, running those featherlike fingers between his nipples, and along the planes of his stomach, stopping a little above the waistband of his shorts. He stifled a groan. “… And I saw your eyes burn when you’d let go of your control.”

“I can’t – I don’t do that.”

He stepped backwards again, but she followed him, her toes pressing into the wet sand, leaving shallow footprints that the sea washed away with each new wave.

Still the rain beat down.

She put one hand on his hip, and her other slid around the back of his neck. She drew him down towards her and he was ensnared. Her mouth touched his like a brush of petals and he groaned again, but made no move to touch her. Her fingers on his cool wet skin were like a burn. 

His Svadisthana energy swirled and looped inside him, looking for a way out. He needed to get away. To find a safe place away from this delicate-seeming sprite, till he figured out what she wanted.

But while it might have been what he needed, it wasn’t what he wanted.

Seven decades of discipline cracked slightly, as personal desire surged inside him, and he longed to let himself free. 

Instead of taking another step back, he opened his lips a little, enough for her to probe between them with a soft tongue, one that entwined with his oh-so-gently. She was wearing him down, not with a flourish of her own Svadisthana, which she could easily do, but with a serene and gradual assault on him that was making him lose his mind.

He broke the kiss with an effort, pulling his head upright and out of her reach. She really was a tiny thing. Surely he could disengage from her gracefully. “I can’t do this.”

She slid her arm around his waist, and then over his buttocks. “Of course you can.”

She was matter-of-fact, an energetic in harmony with her Svadisthana energy. She had no issues around sex.

But her energy hadn’t caused the death of innocents.

That sobering thought was enough for the hardness in his groin to subside, and he reached behind him to take her hands and detach them. 

She looked up at him, those damn drops of water still falling from her hair as the rain pummeled them both. Rivulets of water drew his gaze over and over the graceful curves of her naked body. 

“You’re putting too much importance on sex,” she said, her voice seductive. “It’s just like a massage. Don’t be like the humans. Don’t attach shame or other issues to it. Don’t make more of it than it is. And we’re both Svadisthana. I can take what your energy gives, even if it’s been a while.” 

Perhaps she was safe in that way from STIs and pregnancy, but he didn’t think she quite realized what his energy might do to her. 

She walked him backwards another step, and then one more. 

“Sex is a gift. We can lie here on the beach, water all around us, and you can bury yourself inside me. Stroke by stroke, the pleasure will build. I can help you reclaim your Svadisthana energy. You no longer need to cut yourself off from half of who you are. You can be yourself fully once more.”

The words were dangerous. Because part of him would love that. Wanted it desperately. But he knew that was a fantasy. He could never return to the lighthearted way he’d treated sex and his energy before the war. 

With each sentence, she pushed him another step backwards. At the end of the last few words, he smacked into something solid, and his breath ‘ouf’ed out of him. He’d hit a palm tree, and there was nowhere else to go.

About the Book:

Opposites attract when a wild water energetic must work with an experienced but damaged air energetic to save their friend from being destroyed by a mysterious illness. 

Nixie likes fun, creating art, and sex, and not necessarily in that order. When her beloved cousin – the reliable one in the family – warns Nixie that she’s needed to help prevent a world-ending prophecy becoming a reality, Nixie just wants to flee.  

When serious and scholarly Jeb discovers he’s part of the prophecy, he resolves to stick right where he’s been for decades, in his Guild, where he’s able to contain the devastating half of his powers.

But when one of their friends gets sick with a strange and sinister illness, they’re both going to have to step up, however reluctantly.

If Jeb invites wild water energetic Nixie into his life, will he lose his hard-won control?

If Nixie surrenders to Jeb’s grounding effect on her, will she end up trapped by duty to the prophecy?

And if their opposite natures combine, will they balance each other out – or destroy each other?

Nixie and the Healer is the third in The Energetics Series, where friends and lovers must endure lethal magics and decipher deadly mysteries to survive.

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About the Author:

British-born psychologist Ellen Bard is the author of the paranormal romance series The Energetics, and also writes non-fiction under Ellen M Bard. She loves travel, coffee, adventures, productivity tips, personal growth and romance novels – not necessarily in that order. She lives with her Fox in Thailand where she (almost!) never has to feel the cold.

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