Sunday Snippet: Wicked Passion by Amanda J. Greene

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Wicked Passion

Author: Amanda J. Greene
Release Date: June 25, 2019
Series: Under Realm Assassins #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance


As if reading her thoughts his alluring lips hitched in the corner and he softly said, “I told you, dove, I won’t harm you.”

“Strange words for an assassin,” she replied with a sardonic laugh.

“Aye, I imagine they are.”

“You know what I am and—”

He held up a hand stopping her. “Until you give me a reason not to trust you, you’ve nothing to fear from me.”

Squaring her shoulders and straightening her spine, she made her voice as stern as she could,

“What are you going to do with me?”

Those bronze eyes of his flickered with yearning or lust? It’d been so fleeting she questioned if she’d seen anything at all. “We’ll strike a bargain.”

Katya frowned. “I’ve nothing of value. Nothing to trade.”

“Not so.”

She shifted uncomfortably under his stare and unconsciously brought the towel to her chest as if to protect herself from him.

James shook his head. “You’re a lovely dove and I may be a pirate to the core, but I won’t ravish you.” He paused and flashed her a mischievous smile. “You’ll have to ask prettily for that pleasure.”

“You wouldn’t want to…be with me that way.” Her words were so low, she wondered if he’d heard them. “You really wouldn’t. I’m…dangerous.”

Sex with a succubus was different from sex with other women, as they mated the succubus siphoned her partner’s energy. But Katya was stronger than other succubae. If she lost control she could easily kill her partner. My poor George…

The vampire coolly and seductively stated, “I love danger. Live for it.”

Katya wasn’t able to hold back her surprised gasp. “Sir—”

“James, remember? And you needn’t protect me.”

She wet her suddenly too dry lips. “James. I’m flattered you would say such, but you needn’t bother.”

He released a heavy sigh and dropped the power bar he’d been holding in her lap. “Eat this.”


“Bloody hell,” he muttered under his breath. “You must be starving and, if not, eat it to appease my conscience.”

She toyed with the edges of the wrapper. “Why do you have food? I thought vampires only drank blood.”

He shrugged. “Food isn’t necessary, but I enjoy the occasional snack. That one is peanut butter flavor.”

Katya opened the packaging, sniffed at the bar then took a tiny nibble.

“Like it?”

She nodded and took a bigger bite.

“Right, then, back to business. You’re wrong about not possessing anything of value. In more ways than one.” James sat on the edge of the bed. “You have information and in my line of work, that is as good as gold. Better, even.”

“Information?” she asked before taking another bite.

“The shifters. The magic thieves.”

Her eyes rounded in understanding as she continued to chew. He’d been tracking the thieves, not her. The Syndicate hadn’t marked her for execution. The knowledge was comforting and she breathed a little easier. “What is the bargain?”

“You will answer all of my questions and grant whatever assistance I require. In exchange, I will provide you with protection and see you safely returned to the Under Realm.”



You can’t stay here. The words needn’t be spoken. She understood. Dark magic wielders were not permitted in the mortal realm. But she couldn’t go back to her tribe. She wouldn’t go back.

She was done with their snickers and stares, done with their mistrust and hate. She’d return to the

Under Realm and start over, make a new life.

Great idea, but with what money? She needed funds so she could strike out on her own.

Summoning her courage she met his unwavering gaze. “Information may be as good as gold to you, but gold is gold to me.”

James’s eyes sharpened and narrowed. She willed her nerves to remain calm under his hard scrutiny. As if seeing directly into her thoughts, he asked, “What are you running from?”

“We’re negotiating. Is that not what is done when striking a bargain?”

He arched a brow at her deflection.

“I’m not running.” I’m escaping, there’s a difference.

James continued to silently gaze at her and Katya wondered if he could indeed hear her thoughts, or feel her emotions. His bronze eyes seemed to peer directly into her soul and for a heartbeat of a moment she considered sharing everything—wanted to tell him everything. Her instincts encouraged her to reach out to him not just physically but emotionally. The drive terrified and thrilled her.

A tiny sigh of relief escaped her when he finally spoke. His words shattered the weighted silence and saved her from revealing vulnerabilities best kept secret.

“Two hundred gold doubloons, er, coins.”

Katya could’ve sworn her jaw had hit the ground. He couldn’t have just said what she thought he said. “Antique mortal gold?”

James tilted his head in answer.

“That’s a fortune.” Mortal gold’s purity was renowned in the Under Realm. Two hundred coins was a small fortune.

“You may run as fast, as far, and for however long you please.”

She shook her head in disbelief. “I can’t accept—”

He chuckled. “You’ve little experience with negotiating, I’d wager.”

True. But she wasn’t a fool. What he offered was too good.

Katya chewed on her bottom lip. Could this be a trap? Could she trust him to protect her and deliver her back to the Under Realm? And the money? But what choice did she have?

She extended her hand. “Deal.”

About the Book:

James Stonewoll is an Elite Assassin for the Under Realm Syndicate—an expert hunter and merciless killer. As a former pirate, he thrives on danger, the more perilous the mission, the better and he can’t resist his newest contract: eliminate a rebel shape-shifting magic thief that stalks the border of the Under Realm kidnapping and murdering innocent Others. But never did the centuries old vampire anticipate playing hero to a mythical temptress with luscious curves, tantalizing lips, and hypnotic eyes.

Captured and held prisoner, Katya Moro was trapped in a seemingly endless loop of unimaginable agony as her magic was slowly being torn from her soul. A gasp away from death, she is rescued by a sinful kiss and awakens in the strong arms of a powerful warrior whose roguish smile, sharp fangs, and intense strength unlock dormant instincts within her, an all-consuming madness that demands complete surrender.

Gazing down at her, James knew he had to kill her. Dark Magic Wielders, like the beautiful female he’d found, were a grave threat to human society and were not permitted to roam the mortal world. But Katya’s smoky voice and sweet kisses stir a fierce hunger inside him. She is unpredictable, uncontrollable and wickedly seductive—his perfect kind of dangerous. To keep her safe, James will protect her from the magic thieves that hunt her and his fellow assassins until he can find a way to return Katya to her home in the Under Realm.

Can Katya’s passion conquer the darkness within his soul?  


Under Realm Assassins installments in order:

A Bewitching Christmas
Surrender to the Chase
Wicked Passion

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About the Author:

Amanda J. Greene is the author of the captivating Rulers of Darkness and the enticing Under Realm Assassins series. Fans of Nalini Singh’s, Gena Showalter, and J.R. Ward will fall in love with Ms. Greene’s dangerously sexy heroes and strong, kick your teeth in heroines.

She lives in Southern California with her supportive military husband and their two fur babies—a sweet cocker spaniel and a rambunctious black mouth cur mix. Between working full time in higher education and family life, she finds time to write and create detailed worlds with exciting characters for her ravenous readers.

“Amanda’s vampires are seriously sexy and I can’t get enough!” – Kristina’s Books & More

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