Quickie Review: One Summer Weekend by Shannon Stacey

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One Summer Weekend
Shannon Stacey
Rating: B

What I’m Talking About:

Carly and Noah have been best friends their entire lives; never has either looked at the other as anything else. So when Noah needs a date for his new boss’s wedding, he begs Carly to be his pretend girlfriend for the weekend. However, once they are alone in a room with one bed, thoughts and actions move well beyond friendship.

One Summer Weekend is a cute, easy read. There isn’t a drawn-out backstory, but enough information is supplied that allows the reader to connect with the characters. Since Carly and Noah are already best friends, we know they are compatible, and once the sexy thoughts start, they realize they are comfortable being more than friends. The story is solid for novella-length, and while there isn’t a complex plot, there is still plenty of emotion. It’s perfect for a quick summer read by the pool, at the beach, or relaxing on your front porch. 

My Rating:  B, Liked It

About the Book:

Noah Stafford loves his life—his happy, single life. So what if he made up a fake girlfriend to stop his boss’s matchmaking? He kept things close to the truth—Carly really does have long, sexy legs and a killer sense of humor. She just happens to be his best friend. His wicked awesome and completely platonic best friend.

But now his boss is having a destination wedding, and Noah is expected to attend…with Carly, his girlfriend.

Carly Randall has no interest in living out a rom-com plot. But Noah is her best friend, so she agrees to help. Still, once they arrive on Cape Cod, she can’t explain the sudden butterflies she feels when he looks at her that way. Or why she doesn’t mind when Noah’s hands stray a little south of her back.

What happens on the Cape stays on the Cape.

Except not really, not at all, and once their sexy faux-cation is over, Noah and Carly return to a reality where everything’s changed. Going for it would mean risking their friendship…but forgetting how good they were together just isn’t an option.

Release Date: August 5, 2019
Carina Press
Cedar Street #1
Contemporary Romance, novella
Book Source: NetGalley

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