Sunday Snippet: Camazotz Curse by Jennifer Foxcroft

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Camazotz Curse

Author: Jennifer Foxcroft
Publisher: Jennifer Foxcroft
Release Date: July 2019
Series: Camazotz Trilogy #3
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance


The hotel has a small, outdoor swimming pool—another first for my Victorian-era boyfriend.

I ‘borrowed’ a pair of Dad’s board shorts for Rocks—the ones from three years ago, he won’t admit don’t fit him. I watch Rocks’ nose twitch when we sit on the reclining pool chairs. Even I can smell the chlorine, so I can’t imagine what it’s doing to the senses he’s trying so hard not to use.

Taking the lead, I pull off my sundress. My black bikini actually suits my new, dark hair. Bending over, I spread my towel out before standing tall in front of him. I let him look at me. It’s a new body bravery I have only acquired since we had sex. Rocks has never ever lied to me, so when he says he adores my body, I believe him. And besides, he picked me. He’s with me, and has always risked so much to do it.

His eyes linger on my breasts, my bare belly, and finally my hips, before making a slow circuit back up again. I’m grinning by the time he meets my stare. “Your turn.” I stretch out on the chaise recliner.

When Rocks pulls his shirt off and displays his hard, muscled chest and those incredible arm tattoos, it literally takes my breath away. I giggle when I realize it’s the first time I’ve ever seen his legs bare in public. He never wears shorts. His calf muscles are sleek and toned like every other inch of him. Flying is clearly an all body, incredible workout. He slides on his dark sunglasses and rests both hands on his hips.

He’s letting me enjoy his divine body. I bite my bottom lip, sighing. He’s a god, and I’m a mere mortal.

“Come enjoy a little sun first,” I invite, patting the lounge chair next to mine. Rocks stretches out, holding his wrists above his head. I can’t look away—his triceps, biceps and shoulders are so perfect, it’s as though he’s been drawn. I want to reach across and trace the lines of muscle. His skin is absolutely flawless in the bright sunshine. I notice three girls across the pool ogling him. I stick my chest out a little further and revel in the feeling of being his girl.

Twenty minutes later, he can’t wait to try the pool. “I love seeing the blue dots of pools from the air. They’re so clean and clear. Lake or stream water doesn’t look like this.”

I have learned that all the Camazotz are taught to swim once they can flip into their human form. It’s an emergency precaution in case they ever take a nosedive into a body of water, and the shock forces them to flip. Bats can naturally swim. Sometimes if a Camazotz is very panicked or stressed—like Bailey was recently when she accused the Fold of banishing Rocks incorrectly—it’s impossible for them to flip into their bat form. So to make sure nobody drowns, it’s swim lessons for every pup.

“Coming in?” He raises an eyebrow and grins.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

The water is cool against my warm flesh, but not so cold it’s uncomfortable. The oglers have stopped mid-conversation to watch Rocks stride to the deep end and dive right in. He glides under the water and comes up near me but dives back under.

He glides around like a shark. How can he be so good at everything? Rocks surfaces behind me and tickles me under water. I squeal and try to get away, but the resistance from the water isn’t helping. He stops his pursuit to float on the water. I join him, and we float together, looking up at the radiant, blue sky. No clouds will help tonight as we wait for the moon to rise fully. I reach over and pinch his butt under the water.

Caught off guard by my boldness, he sits up fast, spluttering. His eyes narrow before he sinks under the water like a silent predator, and I immediately wish I hadn’t provoked him. He swims towards the deeper water. I stay safe in the shallow end, but know he’ll be back. When he surfaces, he’s watching me.

Rocks takes a deep breath, and I know he’s coming. I make a move toward the corner stairs, but his fingers wrap around my ankles before I get there.

I squeal on instinct before he pulls me under. A second later, his arms have pulled me to his chest, and we surface together, smiling.

I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling his body flush with mine. He drags me to the deeper water, and I cling to him tightly. His eyes darken and his hands cup my butt. I flinch expecting him to pinch me in retaliation. He smiles wider and shakes his head.

“I won’t do that, but I will do this.” Both hands travel smoothly up and down my bare back. His touch sends a shiver through my whole body.

About the Book:

The Camazotz are under attack. After the abduction of the Duskwing colony, the Shadows are on high alert. Rockland’s colony is letting their fear of the modern, human world throw them into chaos and infighting. No matter how Rockland tries to convince his leaders that technology won’t weaken their future, the members of the Fold undermine his actions.

When Rocks’ enemies ambush him, he’s faced with his biggest challenge yet—staying true to his human need, or honoring the Camazotz traditions of old. With twelve blood bonds waiting to be fulfilled, Rocks must choose between his animal and human sides—each choice with its own devastating consequences.

Turning to the one aeronaught he can depend on, Rocks is on a mission to find answers. His driving need to belong in this world catapults him into uncharted, dangerous territory. But he’s not alone. With Connie by his side, they investigate the truth and lies surrounding ancient magic, and the mysterious, deadly fix.

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