Sunday Snippet: My Crazy (Sick) Love by Drica Pinotti

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My Crazy (Sick) Love

Author: Drica Pinotti
Publisher: Girls Can Books
Release Date: March 12, 2019
Genre: Women Fiction/ Chick Lit


How it all began…

I really can’t pinpoint when this all began. Can anyone tell me when depression sets in? Precisely when someone becomes an alcoholic or drug addict? When anorexia takes over a healthy creature’s body and soul, transforming it into something pale and corpse-like and full of vanity? Which was the first drink or first drunken stupor that led to an alcoholic existence until the person realized he had to go to AA meetings? Can anyone do that? I can’t either.

When it hit me, I was already refusing to greet people with kisses on their cheeks, claiming I had a horrible cold. I would place my hand over my mouth and simulate a cough and hoarseness. And that was just to avoid contact with anyone’s dirty skin. Who knows what sort of virus people are carrying! Who knows what their habits are in terms of hygiene, if they have any at all? Carrying around my own viruses is more than enough, and Interferon is an extremely expensive medication! Besides, in my research I have already read that a person’s mouth is a source of countless forms of contamination. That a bite from a human being (how ironic) can even kill. I am an intelligent person and as such I have decided to not run any unnecessary risks. When I understood I needed help, it was already too late and I was walking around with my antibacterial hand sanitizing gel in my handbag, disinfecting my hands after opening each and every one of the thousand doorknobs between the ground floor of the building and the room where I work in a nonprofit company.

My mother tells me that when I was about five years old, I would watch her carefully take care of my grandfather who was suffering from a serious case of pneumonia. It was so strong he didn’t make it. She often diminished her functions as a housewife and mother to a maid. She dedicated herself exclusively to grandpa. I remember how that bothered me. I loved him too, but I didn’t understand his pain. I was just a child, and as such, I couldn’t understand why she, of three children, had to abandon her husband and daughters to dedicate herself full-time to this task. Obviously, today I understand.

Months later, she says, I had already demonstrated my first signs of insanity. I would feel feverish and get the chills just to get her and my father’s attention. While my youngest sister, beautiful and so talented, only had to smile, I had to succumb to pharyngitis or, in extreme cases, tuberculosis. And all I had to do was cough twice and the world would begin spinning all around me. Now you can begin to fathom why my little sister “hates” me to this day.

However, as only natural, I disagree with this version of my sickness saga. I can’t accept the fact that the truth could be so simplistic: A girl develops a very serious mental disorder just to call her parents’attention. Just to get ice cream and toys or to miss a few days of school.

What I do remember is that at the age of 14 I was already walking about with a clinical medicine book under my arm. I loved reading works like The Pill Book or The Johns Hopkins Complete Home Guide to Symptoms and Remedies, while my friends read those sugar sweet novels by Nancy Drew or books that were in like Christiane F. I watched every episode of Mysteries of Medicine, and I’m still obsessed with every medical-based TV series. I would discuss the most whimsical syndromes with my doctors to the point of driving them and my mother insane. My friends thought I was going to study medicine. But, people could never understand that reading about medicine was not my hobby nor something that gave me pleasure. It was downright despair. By the way, that is how, ready to begin a brilliant medical career, I went to study Law at Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut. And during the time I wasn’t going nuts because of every pore in my body that was functioning improperly, I was studying to be the best in my graduating class.

In other words, I have no idea how my paranoia began. What I do know is that I am far from well and my panic attacks are getting more and more frequent. I’ve been able to make totally insane associations. I can transform a simple toothache into maxillary cancer. An itchy elbow becomes an urticarial eruption, and a simple sneeze, pneumonia. That’s why I have already thought about joining a help group, like HA – Hypochondriacs Anonymous – to give vent to my “many probable diseases,” neuroses and eccentricities. And who knows, maybe I can find a boyfriend who can put up with me for another three crises. The other probable hypothesis, speaking rationally, is to surrender to my mother’s constant pleading and finally seek help from a psychiatrist. Which I absolutely refuse to do!

About the Book:

Amanda Loeb is a single, intelligent New York City attorney coming up on the eve of her thirtieth birthday. With a stable job, circle of supportive friends, and close relationships with her mother and sister one detail sets Amanda apart from others – she is a hypochondriac. Her medicine cabinet is home to a stock of medications sourced from an actively managed A-Z list of the best doctors in New York City. When Amanda meets Brian Marshall, a handsome and charismatic restaurant owner, her heart beats in undiagnosable somersaults.As their relationship develops Amanda learns the intricacies and complications love brings may be the cure-all ‘pill’ she needs to free herself from the affliction – for the rest of her life.

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About the Author:

Drica Pinotti is a Brazilian-born author with fifteen books published in Brazil and Portugal. Her American debut comes with the release of her first romantic comedy entitled, My Crazy (Sick) Love.

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