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From the author:

Hi Everyone, 

Thank you so much, Jen for hosting me today on your awesome website. Although I’ve published two Paranormal Thriller Romance books in my Angel Calling Series – JUSTICE and AN UNHOLY GIFT, today I’m here to talk about my foray into the ‘Hot’ Contemporary Romance Genre. Released on the 1st September, 2019, HAVING FAITH is the first book in a new series I’ve started called ‘Mature Love’. The books will be stand alone, and feature women over the age of 35. Hey, that’s mature to some!                              pastedGraphic.png

I remember when I found myself as a divorced single parent at the age of 38; I moved to a new town away from my network of family and support. A new job, new school for my children, and even new friends. It was difficult. I had so many well-meaning friends tell me how impossible it was to find a half-decent man, and to forget about finding new love! “After all, look at us, we’ve been single forever – finding Mr. Right is just too hard!” (Hey, that could be the title of one of my future books, haha).  I’m very pleased to say that they were wrong in my case, and we’ve been happily married for years. My experience has been the inspiration behind the Mature Love series.

I’m Australian, and HAVING FAITH is set in the tropics of Queensland. Although I don’t live there, I’ve visited many times. The first time I went my eyes were like saucers, taking in the very different landscape to what I was used to. I love the lush rainforests with vines hanging from nearly every tree in the canopy. The dark quiet and stillness, broken only by the cry of some exotic bird, or the bubble of crystal clear water as it scurries over rocks, is magic. 

In the near distance, low mountains covered in dark green vegetation look as though a plush blanket had been thrown over them. In the forefront, sugarcane fields crowd the narrow roads, their fibrous, grassy stalks, rich in sugary sweetness, grow up to twelve feet or more high. 

But it’s the tropical islands that dot the Great Barrier Reef that are the highlight. Long stretches of sandy beaches, silky soft and white, encircle the small patches of flora. The butterflies in the area are magnificent, especially the famous bright blue Ulysses Swallowtail. The water is so blue it almost looks artificial, while the marine life, straight out of a David Attenborough documentary, surround you as you swim. There are islands to suit every pocket, from swanky upmarket resorts, to islands you can do day trips out to, with just the cost of a ferry ride. 

It’s this world that Faith and Adam grew up as neighbors – Townsville, which is considered the unofficial capital of North Queensland. I invite you to follow their journey, from being almost family, to estranged friends, and finally, to lovers.  NOTE – Australian English used eg: thongs instead of flip flops. 

About the book:


She’s been someone else’s … now Adam was back to show Faith she’d really been his all along. Must read second chance love. 


When my best friend suggested I take a young, hot, sexy, stud-muffin as my date to meet my ex-husband’s much younger fiancée, I allowed my arm to be ‘twisted.’ Nudging Forty, I felt battered, and my ego bruised – it was just what I needed.

“Who do you have in mind?”

“Adam,” Rachel voiced the one name hovering between us since the words, sexy, hot, and young, had been mentioned in the same sentence.

Adam was my friend’s younger half-brother. We’d always been close, and I’d considered him to be a young brother to myself as well. Then something unthinkable happened between us on his eighteenth birthday that drove him away for ten years.

Now he was back, looking so good it should be illegal, and wanting to resume where we had left off. The soul-incinerating chemistry still bound us, but was my self-doubt too big a hurdle to leap?


For the longest time, Faith has been perched on the peripheral edges of my heart. Since that fated night all those years ago, I had known she was it for me. I was a boy then, too young and dumb to understand that we were soulmates. But my heart knew it, and never let me forget. I’d tried to move on, I really had. She was married, after all.

So, when my sister asked if I could do Faith a favour and play along as her date to meet her idiot ex-husband and his soon-to-be trophy wife, I knew fate was opening a door for me.

This time, I was no amateur. This time, all I had to do was convince her we were meant to be. Sounds easy, right? Well, you haven’t met Faith…

RELEASE DATE: 1st September, 2019

SERIES: Mature Love



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