Review: Tiny House, Big Love by Olivia Dade

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Tiny House, Big Love
Olivia Dade
Rating: B+

What I’m Talking About:

Sebastián has loved Lucy for years, but refuses to go out on a limb and share his feelings, remaining firmly in the best friend zone. Always waiting for Lucy to initiate contact, communication, everything, Sebastián feels safer not allowing his feelings to show. When push comes to shove as Lucy prepares to leave forever, Sebastián needs to decide if the risk of hurt is worth knowing Lucy’s love.

Tiny House, Big Love is another wonderful story from Ms. Dade. I absolutely love the characters she creates; they are real people with real issues. They struggle, but learn to grow and make things work. They are people I’d want to know. No exception here. Lucy has been hurt by a lover and it has impacted her confidence. Going through the process of finding her tiny home, helps her get back her sparkle and inner glow. She’s doing what it takes to move forward, coping and understanding; she accepts what she can’t change, but works to improve the things she can. Sebastián has serious issues opening up, and he is very aware of this. He cannot change because the fear of being hurt is too great, especially with Lucy, the love of his life and BFF.

I was a bit disappointed with Lucy’s friend and realtor, Allie, and her obviously completely awful selections in the tiny houses. The choices are over-the-top bad, and a tad unrealistic. However, allowing Lucy let go of the relationship is part of the growing process and important to her character development, so I’ll take it.

The romance between Sebastián and Lucy is utterly sweet, emotional, and lovely. Even though this is a novella-length story, the emotional content packed a punch. I appreciate that the author takes them through their journey and gives the appropriate HEA/HFN without diminishing Sebastián’s emotional issues.

My Rating:  B+ Liked It A Lot

About the Book:

On camera. Up close. In denial–but not for much longer… 

After a relationship gone bad, Lucy Finch is leaving everything behind. Her old home, her old job, her old insecurities. Even Sebastián Castillo, her protective but intensely private friend of almost twenty years. Before she moves halfway across the country, though, she has one last request for Seb: She wants him to help her choose a tiny house on cable television. And maybe during the filming process, she can discover once and for all whether his feelings for her are more than platonic…

Sebastián would rather do anything than appear on HATV. But Lucy needs him, and he can’t say no. Not when she’s about to leave, taking his heart with her. Hiding how he feels with a television crew watching their every move will prove difficult, though–especially when that crew is doing their sneaky best to transform two longtime friends into a couple.

Tiny spaces. Hidden emotions. The heat generated by decades of desire and denial. A week spent on camera might just turn Lucy and Seb’s relationship from family-friendly to viewer discretion advised… 

Release Date: August 29, 2019
Hussies & Harpies Press
Love Unscripted #2
Contemporary Romance, novella
paperback (168 pages), e-book
Book Source: Author

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