September is Library Card Sign Up Month!

Posted September 9, 2019 by Jennifer in Library Month Tags:

In 1987, American Library Association named the month of September as Library Card Signup Month. (Find out more here) Back in 2015 when I was blogging full time at The Book Nympho (now closed) I teamed up with another library lover, Felicia at The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog. Her love of the library turned me into a user. Sure everyone knows about public libraries, but how many of us really use them?

Libraries are a great way to save tons of money.  I occasionally drop in for a print book, but I mainly use mine for ebooks and audiobooks. I’ve also been known to check out a video game or two for my son.

Let’s say you buy all your books. Do you reread any of them? If you’re not a big rereader then why spend anywhere from $7.99 to $20 on a book? You could probably get the same book through your library system. If your library doesn’t have the book, you could request they get it. I’ve been very lucky that my state library gets 9 out of 10 books I request.

Do you buy your audiobooks? Do you have a costly membership? Did you know you can get tons of audiobooks free through your library system? With Overdrive and Hoopla, you have tons of titles at your fingertips.

After years of doing posts similar to this one, I’ve learned that not all library systems in the U.S. are free. But when you think about the taxes you pay (yes again each state is different) you are paying for your library system either way. Why not use them? While the ones I have access to (Arkansas) are free, part of my personal property taxes I pay once a year has a small fee for libraries. Your state may be different, maybe you have to pay a small fee to have a library card but do not have a fee on your taxes. Not really a difference since public libraries are run and paid for by the government. They are still getting the money from the public.

Just think if you use the library for ebooks and audiobooks you don’t even have to leave your house to get the books. So go renew that overdue library card. Or if you’ve never signed up for one, what are you waiting for?

If you want to challenge yourself, you can join the library reading challenge hosted by Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. She has been hosting all year, but it’s never too late to joy.