Sunday Snippet: Having Faith by Georgia Tingley

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Having Faith

Author: Georgia Tingley
Publisher: Georgeous Publishing
Release Date: September 1, 2019
Series: Mature Love
Genre: Contemporary Romance


We made our way into the bar and ordered drinks before the meal. I climbed onto the black leather barstool and Adam slipped his arm around my waist, staking a proprietorial claim. I was secretly thrilled to be getting not only his attention, but Rob’s attention as well, even if it was a scowl.

Robert flicked his thinning sandy hair out of his eyes. His navy-blue trousers and light blue and white striped shirt were casual-dressy, but lacked the stylish sexiness of Adam. He wore a thick gold chain, and I noticed a man’s gold engagement ring gracing his finger, a diamond twinkling on the band.

My eyes quickly flicked to Shania’s rock on her ring finger. It was a white-gold band with an over-size princess cut diamond. A circle of smaller diamonds surrounded it.  It looked to be worth a small fortune. Pretentious, as I’d expected. I inwardly smirked.

The women in the bar, including present company, kept throwing me envious glances. No doubt because of Adam.

Good God, he seemed to affect all females within a five-metre radius.

When I looked up at him to see if he noticed, Adam smiled down and pushed a strand of hair off my forehead with one finger. I knew it was all a show for Rob’s benefit, but it didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy it as my stomach did a little dance at the gesture.

I draped my arm around his waist and rubbed my hand up and down his back as he stood at the bar, hoping he wouldn’t mind my daring.

He held himself very still, and then I felt it. Almost an electrical charge.

Oh, he liked it all right.

Adam arched his back in what I assumed to be enjoyment and leaned into me. In another moment I expected him to start purring aloud like my cat, ‘Dude’.

Instead, he did the human equivalent. Turning to me, his mouth curved upward into a slow, stunning smile; the one I’d secretly named his sex-on-steroids grin, which liquefied my bones, and nuzzled his face into my neck. He inhaled deeply, breathing in my fragrance.

“Do you think this will fool them?” he whispered.

“Uh, huh.”

It was the only thing I could think of to say. Any intelligent comment was out of the question. Especially when I felt his lips softly grazing against my throat.

“I… OH!”

He licked me. He actually licked me.

I clutched the edge of the bar with one hand and hung onto his shoulder for dear life. I had read in romance books about getting weak at the knees. It was fiction of course, but in that moment, if I were required to stand or walk, I would have fallen to the ground in a quivering mess.

Adam turned and ordered our drinks from the barman who now stood in front of us, a knowing smirk on his lips as he observed our show. I wasn’t even aware of his approach and cringed inwardly. If Adam hadn’t been alert, and turned away from me, I would have thrown back my head to give him easier access to my throat and more.

I turned glazed eyes onto Adam. He smiled, unrepentant, and motioned with his eyes to the other side of me. When I turned to look I met four sets of eyes, all with varying degrees of reaction.

Rob wore an irritated frown of censure. Shania’s gaze narrowed in envy. Michelle was wide-eyed in surprise, and Scott … Well if eyes could give a thumbs up, his would be doing just that.

I felt the heat rise into my face and was grateful when Adam took the lead.

“Well, since we all have our drinks, shall we grab a table?”

About the Book:

She’s been someone else’s … now Adam was back to show Faith she’d really been his all along. Must read second chance love.


When my best friend suggested I take a young, hot, sexy, stud-muffin as my date to meet my ex-husband’s much younger fiancée, I allowed my arm to be ‘twisted.’ Nudging Forty, I felt battered, and my ego bruised – it was just what I needed.

“Who do you have in mind?”

“Adam,” Rachel voiced the one name hovering between us since the words, sexy, hot, and young, had been mentioned in the same sentence.

Adam was my friend’s younger half-brother. We’d always been close, and I’d considered him to be a young brother to myself as well. Then something unthinkable happened between us on his eighteenth birthday that drove him away for ten years.

Now he was back, looking so good it should be illegal, and wanting to resume where we had left off. The soul-incinerating chemistry still bound us, but was my self-doubt too big a hurdle to leap?


For the longest time, Faith has been perched on the peripheral edges of my heart. Since that fated night all those years ago, I had known she was it for me. I was a boy then, too young and dumb to understand that we were soulmates. But my heart knew it, and never let me forget. I’d tried to move on, I really had. She was married, after all.

So, when my sister asked if I could do Faith a favour and play along as her date to meet her idiot ex-husband and his soon-to-be trophy wife, I knew fate was opening a door for me.

This time, I was no amateur. This time, all I had to do was convince her we were meant to be. Sounds easy, right? Well, you haven’t met Faith…

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