Author Guest Post: Melissa P. Baldwin

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Melissa P. Baldwin

What’s your favorite season? This is a difficult question for a Florida girl to answer. Here in the sunshine state we don’t exactly see the changing of seasons… 

Despite the ninety-degree weather, my front porch is full of pumpkins. 

I love everything about this time of year- the looming excitement of the holidays, Halloween celebrations and pumpkin everything. When September arrives my husband knows he may arrive home to a house full of Fall décor and pumpkin candles burning. Thankfully he’s very supportive of my seasonal obsession. The question is when is too soon to go Fall crazy? In years past I’ve taken this question to Facebook, and every year I’m given the go-ahead to pull out the Fall wreath. ☺

The change of seasons inspired me to write my Seasons of Summer Novella Series. We follow our heroine, Summer on a one-year journey of heartbreak, love, and wild adventures. 

This series kicks off with book one, Fall Into Magic. 

About the book:

Title: Fall Into Magic
Author: Melissa Baldwin
Series: Seasons of Summer #1
Genre: Romantic Comedy

From bestselling romantic comedy author Melissa Baldwin comes the first book in the Seasons of Summer series!

After a devastating breakup in the middle of her summer vacation, Summer Peters knows she needs something to distract her. What better than the arrival of fall, Halloween, and a new client? Though she assumes that Alexander Williams will be a hands-off client, she is surprised to find him very down-to-earth. She’s immediately drawn to him, much to the dismay of his overprotective assistant. When it becomes obvious that he feels the same, she begins to wonder if their meeting was meant to be.

Just when she thinks she could be ready to move on with her life, her ex-boyfriend Jake returns for a second chance. She’s in for even more of a surprise when she learns her nosy, meddling neighbor is actually a psychic pushing to reveal details of her future.

Summer doesn’t know which way to turn as she feels like she’s being pulled in different directions. Between Alexander, his assistant, and her ex-boyfriend, she fears she may not be ready to move on after all. She considers turning to her neighbor for advice but the fear of knowing exactly what the future holds is more frightening than not knowing.

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About the author:

Melissa Baldwin is planner-obsessed Disney fan who still watches Beverly Hills 90210 reruns and General Hospital.

She’s a wife, mother, and journal keeper, who finally decided to write the book she talked about for years. She took her dream to the next level, and is now an award-winning, bestselling author of seventeen Romantic Comedy and Cozy Mystery novels and novellas. Melissa writes about charming, ambitious, and real women, and she considers these leading ladies to be part of her tribe.

When she isn’t deep in the writing zone, this multitasking master organizer keeps busy by spending time with her family, chauffeuring her daughter, traveling, attempting yoga poses, and going on rides at Disney World.