Review: One Christmas Eve by Shannon Stacey

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One Christmas Eve
Shannon Stacey
Rating: A

What I’m Talking About:

Preston and Zoe start out on the wrong foot when he makes some disapproving remarks about the sexy Halloween display in her bookstore window. Because of emotional damage from her ex, Zoe immediately takes a dislike to Preston, but when he comes bearing an olive branch, the pair discovers they may have more in common than the mutual sparks growing between them. 

One Christmas Eve is a wonderful holiday romance novella. Seriously – ALL. THE. FEELS. Zoe and Preston both carry baggage, and while it takes a little push to get them going, they realize that their pasts do not need to define their futures. Normally, it can be tough to convey a full HEA love story in a novella (unless the characters have a history), yet Ms. Stacey pulls it off with excellence. I connected with both characters and felt their joys and pains as they try to make the relationship work.

One of the best things about One Christmas Eve is the use of books in the story. Zoe and her cousin Carly (book #1) co-own a small town book shop. Zoe gives Preston one of her types of books (a steamy romance) and flags sections for him. This becomes a bit of a game, but also an effective way to help jump start communication between the pair. It’s a way to be vulnerable without feeling completely exposed. And it leads to an epilogue that brought tears to my eyes (in all the best ways). 

Although Carly and Preston are quick to fall in love, One Christmas Eve brings serious emotional feels in a compact space. It’s fun, romantic, and some smexy times all centered around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. 

My Rating:  A, Loved It

About the Book:

Zoe Randall is busy living her life as she damn well pleases. She’s back in her favorite town, her divorce in her rearview mirror, and living out her childhood dream of running a bookstore with her cousin. She has no interest in the uptight nerd who opened his boring-ass business next to her shop…until he complains about one of her sexy window displays.

Then it’s game on.

Preston Wheeler knows he takes life a little too seriously. But when the saucy bookseller next door starts pushing his buttons, he can feel that changing. Beautiful, vivacious Zoe challenges him in all the best ways, and soon he’s pushing her buttons right back: teasing and flirting all the way through the holiday season.

As Preston loosens up and Zoe is treated to the man behind the suit (particularly his forearms), she realizes she’s more interested than she cares to admit. And Preston comes to see the beauty—the absolute delight—in adding Zoe’s bright splashes of color to his once very black-and-white existence.

Release Date: November 11, 2019
Carina Press
Cedar Street #2
Contemporary Romance, holiday, novella
Book Source: NetGalley

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