Sunday Snippet + Giveaway: Beautiful, Complicated Family Vol. 1 by Rosey Lee

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Beautiful, Complicated Family: Volume 1

Author: Rosey Lee
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: October 22, 2019
Series: Beautiful, Complicated Family (Book 1)
Genre: Flash fiction, Short stories, Contemporary fiction


This is an excerpt from “The Reverse Escape”, one of the stories in the book. 

“You bought a new car? It’s a good thing I don’t have much baggage, I mean luggage,” Ada said, embracing her best friend. “Same difference, I guess.”

Lesley had parked the silver sports coupe close to the airport curb. Ada struggled to close the car door, the bottom scraping the sidewalk as she pulled. 

“No, I got a flat this morning, so I borrowed it from…a friend. I’ll have to ‘forget’ to tell him about the door,” Lesley said.

“I’m sorry,” Ada said with a sigh.

The frigid air inside the car was a relief from the muggy weather. Ada breathed deeply and silently rehearsed her planned talking points. She’d made the trip cross-country to elude a messy breakup, but she wasn’t ready to discuss it. She felt safe having an imaginary script to follow so she didn’t inadvertently bring it up over the weekend. She needed a break, and her father’s birthday offered the perfect excuse. 

“You seem distracted,” said Lesley. “You okay?”

“I was just thinking about my dad,” Ada pretended. “He seems so lonely every time I talk to him. Would you help me throw him a small surprise party tomorrow?”

“I don’t know,” Lesley said. “Didn’t you tell me he doesn’t like surprises? Plus, you’re not good at throwing parties. I always end up doing all the work,” she said with a laugh.

Ada laughed too. It felt good to reconnect with Lesley. She could always count on Lesley to bail her out, and now was no different. Ada started to feel chilly from the air conditioning. She redirected the air vent and began her opening monologue, emphasizing her hope that the party would bridge the distance between her and her father and also help him meet someone special. Ada then launched into her strategy for choosing which single women from their church to invite to the party. 

“Your dad and I have been seeing each other,” Lesley blurted.

About the Book:

Beautiful, Complicated Family: Volume 1 is a collection of five flash fiction stories exploring the connections that can hold people together or tear them apart. Like most families, the relationships in this uplifting collection consist of intricate elements. Sometimes things get messy, but it’s always beautiful. Each story is 1000 words or less each. Read each story in about 5 minutes and get Volume 2 of the collection for free using a link within Volume 1. The stories are perfect for readers who enjoy contemporary fiction novels as well as those who only have time for a quick read. This collection is filled with relatable characters and endings that pull at your heartstrings, so don’t be surprised if you laugh or cry along the way. The stories in this book include “The Reverse Escape”, “Gran’s Return”, “Wind Chill” (2019 Best of the Net anthology nominee), “To Establish Care”, and “Vocal Rest”.

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About the Author:

Rosey Lee writes uplifting fiction stories about family and friendship. A native of the Westbank of New Orleans, Louisiana, Rosey is a fan of good food and a good time. As a child, she dreamed of a career in writing, fashion design, and acting. She uses the pen name Rosey Lee as she pursues her passion for writing. Her alter ego is a physician who has dedicated her career to individual and community-based approaches to health equity. She enjoys cooking, flower arranging, listening to live music, and occasional bursts of fanatical bargain shopping.

Rosey’s flash fiction has appeared in Necessary Fiction, Bending Genres, Barren Magazine, Turnpike Magazine, The Wellington Street Review, and elsewhere. Her work has also been nominated for the 2019 Best of the Net anthology. 

Connect with Rosey: 

 Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram