Sunday Snippet: Beautiful, Complicated Family Vol. 2 by Rosey Lee

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Beautiful, Complicated Family: Volume 2

Author: Rosey Lee
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: October 22, 2019
Series: Beautiful, Complicated Family (Book 2)
Genre: Flash fiction, Short stories, Contemporary fiction


This is an excerpt from “Hiding Spots”, one of the stories in the book. 

“Where have you been?” I asked. 

It was 6:52 a.m., and my voice echoed in the quiet corridor of the hospital’s rehab wing. I fought to contain my emotions, but I found some deliverance in the echo’s dramatic effect. 

Chad stood twenty feet ahead of me, in the doorway of his mother’s room. He glanced at me, his eyes widening briefly. I simultaneously became aware of the piercing click-clack of my four-inch stiletto heels on the shiny vinyl floor as I barreled toward him. 

A charming grin spread across his face. What might have been an innocuous gesture under different circumstances further transformed my veiled relief into anger. I pivoted and walked away before he could answer the question burned into my mind. It didn’t matter what answer he gave. I wouldn’t believe him anyway. 





I felt empowered with each step I took. 

Something told me I’d find him in Mrs. Wilson’s room, so I had stopped by on my way to work. We were supposed to meet there last evening, but he never showed up and didn’t answer my calls the entire night. Chad visited his mom almost every day. Not wanting to alarm her, I didn’t mention my concern. 

I couldn’t sleep all night. I feared something terrible had happened to him. We’d finally gotten engaged, but I wondered if we’d make it to our wedding. I spiraled down a path of what-ifs, imagining everything from cheating to foul play, but deep down I suspected he was fine. Chad had never disappeared before, and it only took one time to get my attention. 





I scurried to the adjacent Imaging Center. Approaching the rear entrance of my office suite, I quickly removed my heels and exchanged them for the quiet ballet flats I always kept in my bag.

About the Book:

This is the second book in the Beautiful, Complicated Family series. This collection contains five additional flash fiction stories exploring the connections that can hold people together or tear them apart. Like most families, the relationships in this uplifting collection consist of intricate elements. Sometimes things get messy, but it’s always beautiful. Each story is 1000 words or less each. Read each story in about 5 minutes. The stories are perfect for readers who enjoy contemporary fiction novels as well as those who only have time for a quick read. This collection is filled with relatable characters and endings that pull at your heartstrings, so don’t be surprised if you laugh or cry along the way. The stories in this book include “Hiding Spots”, “Blossom in the Snow”, “The Friendship PIP”, “Christmas Eve Dinner”, and “A Dress Rehearsal”.

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About the Author:

Rosey Lee writes uplifting fiction stories about family and friendship. A native of the Westbank of New Orleans, Louisiana, Rosey is a fan of good food and a good time. As a child, she dreamed of a career in writing, fashion design, and acting. She uses the pen name Rosey Lee as she pursues her passion for writing. Her alter ego is a physician who has dedicated her career to individual and community-based approaches to health equity. She enjoys cooking, flower arranging, listening to live music, and occasional bursts of fanatical bargain shopping.

Rosey’s flash fiction has appeared in Necessary Fiction, Bending Genres, Barren Magazine, Turnpike Magazine, The Wellington Street Review, and elsewhere. Her work has also been nominated for the 2019 Best of the Net anthology. 

Connect with Rosey: 

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