Review: Return to Me by Farrah Rochon

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Return to Me
Farrah Rochon
Rating: B

What I’m Talking About:

Return to Me is the story of the Holmes’ family best friend, Jonathan Campbell. His heart was broken three years ago when the love of his life left him just before their wedding. Since then, he’s dated and slept with half the women in New Orleans, never finding true happiness. 

Three years ago, Ivana left without a word, running to Haiti where she’s worked tirelessly with a relief aid organization. Now she is back in New Orleans and possibly home to stay. After avoiding Jonathan for two weeks, she swallows her pride and fear and goes to him for help on behalf of a friend who needs legal assistance. 

With the alternating POVs between both Ivana and Jonathan, we are well aware of both the heartache and unresolved feelings each experiences, especially when they are finally in the same place after three years. We knew from previous books that Jonathan is a player, but seeing it through Ivana’s eyes is heartbreaking. I like how conflicted Jonathan remains, after spending years trying to hate the woman who hurt him so badly. 

Overall, I loved the premise (second chance), but felt there were a couple weak spots. Personally, I can’t imagine just leaving home for three years and severing contact with everyone, but I guess it’s possible. However, Ivana’s reasons for leaving so suddenly and staying away for so long never quite resonated with me. Additionally, I was not happy that there was no resolution or understanding between Ivana and her mother. A huge conflict was developed and then her mom was no longer in the story.

In the end, Return to Me is an entertaining story about family and falling in love. It was wonderful to see Jonathan finally happy. I loved catching up with all of the previous characters, and I’d love a reunion book set about ten years down the road to see how they all fared.

My Rating:  B, Liked It

About the Book:

The long-awaited final installment in the Holmes Brothers series. 

Three years after his bride-to-be jilted him at the altar, Jonathan Campbell is still struggling to expunge every reminder of her from his life. His new motto is to never again expose his heart to such anguish. But when she pops up uninvited on his doorstep, his life is suddenly upended all over again. 

A case of cold feet sent Ivana Culpepper running the week before her wedding. She found refuge and purpose in Haiti, working with relief aid organization Operation: Heal. When a series of circumstances force her to return to her hometown of New Orleans, Ivana must face the consequences of her actions and the bitter rejection of the man she once loved. 

Can Ivana convince Jonathan to give her another chance, or is her betrayal too much for their newly reawakened love to overcome? 

Release Date: August 30, 3019
Wandering Road Press
Holmes Brothers #8
Contemporary Romance
paperback (250 pages), e-book
Book Source: Purchased with my own funds

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