Sunday Snippet: A Snowflake at Midnight by Anne Renwick

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A Snowflake at Midnight

Author: Anne Renwick
Publisher: Anne Renwick
Release Date: November 12, 2019
Series: An Elemental Steampunk Tale #4
Genre: Steampunk Romance


As they passed their usual study nook, Evie glanced over her shoulder and threw Ash a cheeky smile, pleased to find a sparkle of appreciation in his eyes as his gaze followed the sway of her hips. Her new green walking dress, though a serviceable wool—as befitted a librarian—was carefully tailored to set off her figure and entice the eyes of a certain botanist, not a chemist. It was no accident that the collar and lapels of the jacket were embroidered with a trailing vine, that they parted beneath her chin to expose a white blouse with tiny, pearl buttons, a blouse nipped in at the waist by a darker green cincher, before the pleats and folds of her bustled skirts flared, falling gently to ankle length.

A sharp turn between a long run of bookshelves drew them into shadows, away from the eyes of any lingering patrons. She stopped and hooked a finger atop the spine of a book. “Ought we include Culpeper’s unauthorized work, the Complete Herbal and English Physician? Completed in 1653, it would take us beyond the medieval period, but I admire how he was a radical thinker for his time, unafraid of a hint of scandal.” A long, bold glance from beneath her eyelashes encouraged Mr. Lockwood to take advantage of their momentary seclusion.

As he reached for the book, she didn’t move—a bold act that brought him so close that she was certain he could hear her heart pounding. Excitement and desire heightened by the possibility of discovery left her breathless. 

He dropped a warm hand atop hers. “Is this an invitation, Miss Brown?” The rough pad of his thumb stroked over her skin. Ripples of heat spread outward.

“It’s an opportunity,” her voice was a hushed whisper, “to uncover any chemistry between us.” Would he kiss her? Ought she tug on his cravat? It always hung loose about his throat in defense against the heat and humidity of the greenhouse, a welcome habit that provided her with a tantalizing glimpse of the hollow of his throat. She settled for dropping the flat of her palm upon his chest, gratified to feel his own heart hammering against his rib cage. “One you seem determined to waste.”

About the Book:

A rare manuscript. A midnight promise. A man who would steal them both away.

Pressured by looming deadlines and an annoying patron, Evie Brown, academic librarian, struggles to find joy this Christmas holiday. Worse, her sick father is ready to abandon treatments and surrender to fate — a decision she refuses to accept. Delving into a medieval manuscript, she searches for answers in the distant past.

For the woman who has stolen his heart, only a perfect proposal will do. Ash Lockwood, botanist, has transformed the rooftop greenhouse into a tropical fairyland. But when Evie begs him to help her harvest mistletoe at midnight, they venture down a different garden path – unaware that danger circles close.

When their plans implode and a murderer threatens their lives, only invention and teamwork will save them.

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About the Author:

Anne Renwick writes steampunk romance, placing a new kind of biotech in the hands of mad scientists, proper young ladies and determined villains.

If you’d like to chat with Anne, you can find her on Facebook and in the Department of Cryptobiology, a private Facebook group.


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