Review: Rafe by Rebekah Weatherspoon

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Rebekah Weatherspoon
Rating: A

What I’m Talking About:

Sloan is a super successful doctor and single mom of two 6-yr-old twin girls. She left Seattle and her a-hole ex-husband, relocating to California and living on her own. She relies on others to help care for her kids, and her live-in nanny leaves without warning. Luckily her best friend (a kindergarten teacher) Xeni, finds her a great, last-minute lead. 

Rafe has been a live-in nanny since he was 17. He loves kids, but when the family he works for moves overseas, he decides it is time to move on from the demands of nannying and find his own way in life. However, when he hears about Sloan’s predicament, he knows he can’t leave her without help and agrees to take the job. 

Rafe is one of those amazing feel-good stories that is low on conflict and high on romance, and I absolutely loved it. Right from their first meeting, both Rafe and Sloan feel an undeniable attraction and connect as friends. They have totally different lives and upbringings, but they can relate because each takes the time to listen to the other rather than make assumptions. I love that Rafe tells her before taking the job that he’s attracted to her – wanting to make sure it’s not a problem for her. The story has conflict, and difficult issues arise, but because the pair talks about everything going on and communicates their feelings, they get through the rough patches quickly.

Rafe is a total cinnamon roll wrapped up in a hard, tattooed body. He is patient and kind, but utterly sexy. And while there is a lot of sweet in Rafe, there is a lot of down and dirty, too. 

Rafe felt her eyes on him as he took her plate and her wine glass over to the sink, then got her more filtered water. “This isn’t a part of your job,” she said when he joined her back at the island.

“It’s a part of the other job I might want to interview for.” 

“What job is that?” 

“The man in your life,” he said with a little cock of his head.

Rafe is an amazing story with the perfect blend of comfort and sweet with dirty and sexy.

My Rating:  A, Loved It

About the Book:

All Dr. Sloan Copeland needed was someone to watch her kids. What she found was the man of her dreams…

After a nasty divorce and a thousand mile move, Dr. Sloan Copeland and her twin daughters are finally getting the hang of their new life in Los Angeles. When their live-in nanny bails with no warning, Sloan is left scrambling to find a competent caretaker to wrangle her smart, sensitive girls. Nothing less will do.

Enter Rafe Whitcomb. He’s all of those things, not to mention good-natured and one heck of a whiz in the kitchen. He’s also tall, and handsome, and bearded, and ripped, and tatted, wrist to neck. 

It doesn’t take long for the Copelands to invite Rafe into their home. Just as quickly, both Sloan and Rafe find themselves succumbing to a heady mutual attraction, neither of them wants to deny. With every minute they spend under the same roof, this working mom can’t help but wonder if Rafe can handle all her needs… 

Release Date: September 27, 2018
Loose Ends #1
Contemporary Romance
paperback (257 pages), e-book, audiobook
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