Review: Wicked Bite by Jeaniene Frost

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Wicked Bite
Author: Jeaniene Frost
Rating: A+

What I’m Talking About:


Disclaimer: Ian is a fixture in the world of Frost’s books. From a cheeky one-liner pop in character to a supporting character to now a main character in this newest series. I implore you to take a look at the reading order list on Jeaniene Frost’s website (at the very bottom). To get the most out of character and overall world plotline development you should read the books in order as she has them listed. Also, there are major nuggets on other plotlines and characters that new readers would get if you had not read the other books. You could enjoy Ian if you started with book 1, Shades of Wicked, but he would be best enjoyed if you got to know him from the beginning.

Now after that mouthful, let’s move on to my thoughts on Wicked Bite, the second book in the Night Rebel series.

There might have been nearly two years between the release of Shades of Wicked and Wicked Bite but the story continues right after the events in the first book. 

We learned at the end of Shades of Wicked that Ian retained some of his memories after he was wiped. He remembers Veritas and he is hell-bent on finding her. She does her best to hide from Ian to keep him safe from Dagon, the demon they fought in Shades of Wicked

Wicked Bite deals with Ian and Veritas working together to bring down Dagon and coming to terms with the feelings they have for each other. Veritas was heart-broken after having to leave Ian at the end of Shades of Wicked and seeing how much she loves Ian was great. Ian deserves a kick-ass heroine like Veritas. 

While they work on destroying Dagon, they find themselves in a demon bar, a secret island and on their first date. Veritas does her best to stay out of Ian’s arms, while he does his damnedest to get her under him, over him and every other way. Watching them work through their lust for each to see the deeper feelings they have for each other was funny, sexy and very touching. We get to see another side to Ian in Wicked Bite

He helps Veritas work through her issues with her second side, the side she is scared to let loose thanks to the reaction her sire had thousands of years ago. Veritas is part vampire and part something else. Her father is the guy who shepherds the dead to the afterlife so she has powers beyond her vampire gifts. With Ian’s help and love, she learns not to be afraid of her otherness. 

Wicked Bite is a fantastic addition to the Night Rebel series. Frost has given us breadcrumbs to possible plot lines to come in Ian and Veritas story plus some really good threads to story ideas for other characters in her Night Huntress World. I can’t wait for more books by Frost and her lovable characters.

My Rating: A+ Personal Favorite

About the Book:

Some promises are meant to be broken…

Veritas spent most of her life as a vampire Law Guardian. Now, she’s about to break every rule by secretly hunting down the dark souls that were freed in order to save Ian. But the risks are high. For if she gets caught, she could lose her job. And catching the sinister creatures might cost Veritas her own life.

Some vows are forever…

Ian’s memories might be fragmented, but this master vampire isn’t about to be left behind by the woman who entranced him, bound herself to him, and then disappeared. So what if demons, other Law Guardians, and dangerous, otherworldly forces stand against them? Come hell or high water, Ian intends to remind Veritas of the burning passion between them, because she is the only person seared on his mind–and his soul…

Release Date: January 28th 2020
Night Rebel #2
Urban Fantasy
paperback (384 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: Publisher

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