Review: The Fate of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy

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The Fate of the Tala
Jeffe Kennedy
Rating: B

The Fate of the Tala is the exciting culmination of Ms. Kennedy’s The Uncharted Realms and The Twelve Kingdoms series. It all started in The Mark of the Tala with Andi, middle daughter of former High King Uorsin and Tala Sorceress Salena, so it is more than fitting that this sweeping tale end with Andi’s point-of-view. Tensions with both the High Priestess of Deyrr and the Dasnairan Empire are at a boiling point, and Andi sees many futures where Annfwn is overrun by both groups. She’s working hard to try and control future events while bringing to Annfwn those closest to the Tala to help defeat the threats. And in fact, this story features all of the past characters in some capacity, playing their parts. In addition to the overwhelming dangers, Andi is pregnant, a blessed and rare event for the Tala, and the love of her life, King Rayfe, is overbearing, overprotective, and downright cruel at times.

Andi has come a long way since she was first introduced eight books ago, and although she’s always been a supporting character in the subsequent books, we’ve not learned much about her powers since The Mark of the Tala. In The Fate of the Tala, we gain an understanding of the struggles and triumphs Andi has come up against over the past couple years. She’s developed her talents, but still sees herself as an outsider – someone who grew up away from Annfwn, and therefore, doesn’t have the natural talent many of the Tala possess. Her confidence is shaken more due to Rayfe’s cutting remarks and actions, leaving Andi alone and confused. Luckily Andi receives sage advice and sound support from family and friends, keeping her motivated to figure things out and keep all positive momentum moving forward. While I was furious with Rayfe, it was pretty obvious what was going on, and I liked how that particular problem resolved itself. I loved seeing Andi embrace her love for family, friends, and the Tala, as well as her part in the war, and how she learns to accept fate on her terms.

There are many skirmishes and an epic battle that brings resolution to the Tala / Deyrr storyline. The book is full of action, detail, and color that rises to a culmination, proportional to and deserving of this series. It is clearly the end of the current series and conflict, but the door has been left open for more stories, especially with regard to the Dasnarian aspects of the series. The Fate of the Tala is an epic conclusion for a wonderful fantasy romance series. I loved that the story returned to the start of the conflict and heart of the series. 

My Rating: B, Liked It

About the Book:

The exciting conclusion of the story begun in The Mark of the Tala

An Uneasy Marriage,

An Unholy Alliance. 

The tales tell of three sisters, daughters of the high king. The eldest, a valiant warrior-woman, conquered her inner demons to become the high queen. The youngest, and most beautiful outlived her Prince Charming and found a strength beyond surface loveliness.

And the other one, Andi? The introverted, awkward middle princess is now the Sorceress Queen, Andromeda—and she stands at the precipice of a devastating war.

As the undead powers of Deyrr gather their forces, their High Priestess focuses on Andi, undermining her at every turn. At the magical barrier that protects the Thirteen Kingdoms from annihilation, the massive Dasnarian navy assembles, ready to pounce the moment Andi’s strength fails. And, though her sisters and friends gather around her, Andi finds that her husband, Rayfe, plagued with fears over her pregnancy, has withdrawn, growing ever more distant.

Fighting battles on too many fronts, Andi can’t afford to weaken, as she’s all that stands between all that’s good in the world and purest evil.

For Andi, the time to grow into her true power has come. . . 

Release Date: February 8, 2020
Brightlynx Publishing
The Uncharted Realms #5 / The Twelve Kingdoms #8
Fantasy Romance
Book Source: Author

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