Tell Me Something Tuesday: February 4, 2020

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February 4, 2020: Do you take advantage of free chapter previews?

I hardly ever read free chapter previews. Really, the only time I do is if I’m not familiar with the author and/or I am on the fence about reading a book. Then it will help me decide if the book is something I may enjoy. This also holds true for audiobooks, especially if I’m not familiar with the narrator.

I don’t like reading early chapters for a couple reasons… first, when I start a book, I like to read it all at once. I’m not a big fan of serial publications for the same reason. Getting a preview of a book, especially if I won’t have the whole thing for a while, just frustrates me. Second, sometimes preview chapters can be spoilery, and I am not a fan of spoilers. I like going into a book with little to no expectation on what will happen. This is also why I don’t tend to read book blurbs.

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