Review: The Moonglow Sisters by Lori Wilde

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The Moonglow Sisters
Lori Wilde
Rating: C+

What I’m Talking About:

Madison, Shelley, and Gia Clark grew up under the care of their maternal grandmother who was the proprietor of The Moonglow Inn.  They became known in their small town as The Moonglow Sisters.  Each of them fell into roles in a family dynamic which was indicative of their birth order—Maddie was the oldest and the bossiest, always trying to control and mother her younger sisters.  Shelley was impulsive and unpredictable, always in trouble and seeking attention.  Gia, the baby, was the peacemaker.  When a significant family incident splits them apart, their personality flaws become even more exaggerated.

For five years the sisters live independent lives until Grammy becomes gravely ill.  They come home to be with her and the story follows their course through the resolution of their relationship differences.  The beginning of the book had me intrigued.  Each of the sisters was interesting even if a slight caricature to cement their rolls in the reader’s mind. The writing is good, and I was on board to see how the building crisis would resolve.

Unfortunately, too many significant people showed up way too conveniently and out of the blue. They showed up at the beach, in a liquor store, and right next door.  At least the one next door made sense, but one even comes from another country with no forewarning. We need to resolve this issue and boom! The person needed magically appears.  Once I start rolling my eyes, it’s hard to bring me back.  I give Wilde credit for bringing it back around in the end, I just disagree with her method in the middle. I had issues. Is it a good read?  Yes, yes it is.  Do I wish Wilde could have found another way for the sisters to confront their individual past choices?  Yes, yes I do.  

The book ends with a tidy bow that leaves the reader satisfied, if a little annoyed in the journey.  Would I still recommend it?  Yes.  I think it’s a good story of family and love.

My Rating: C+ Liked It, but I had issues

About the Book:

Welcome to Moonglow Cove, Texas, a place where your neighbors know your name and the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico lap lazily against the sands. It’s a magical spot, especially in the summertime…

Once the town was the home of the Clark sisters—brought up by their grandmother at the Moonglow Inn. Nicknamed “The Moonglow Sisters”, as children they were inseparable.  Then, a wedding-day betrayal tore them apart and they scattered across the globe and away from each other.  But the sisters have at last come home…

There’s Maddie: smart, sensible, and stubborn. Shelley, who ran off to find her bliss. And Gia, a free-spirit determined to keep the peace. It’s her impending wedding that keeps them together…but Gia has a secret, and when her sisters find out all heck is going to break loose!

The Moonglow Sisters continues Lori Wilde’s trademark storytelling to create an unforgettable novel of family, betrayal, love, and second chances.

Release Date: March 3, 2020
William Morrow Paperbacks
Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance
paperback (400 pages), e-book, audiobook
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