Review: Don’t Go Stealing My Heart by Kelly Siskind

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Don’t Go Stealing My Heart
Kelly Siskind
Reviewer: Jen
Rating: B+

What I’m Talking About:

Clementine is loner, trusting only her foster father/handler, Lucien. Since she was a teen, he’s trained her on the art of stealing expensive items, which they would sell and use the profits to help those in need, oppressed, and homeless. But when Clementine meets her current mark, Jack, she knows it is finally time to get out of the game. Jack is desperately trying to save his family’s company, and the jobs of the townsfolk who rely on his business. Meeting Clementine is the balm that heals his tired soul, but he knows she’s keeping secrets and worries what will happen to his heart when Clementine leaves town.

Don’t Go Stealing My Heart is another wonderful standalone romance from Ms. Siskind! (While this is a standalone, there is a reference to charters from another book.) Overall, I adore Ms. Siskind’s characters and the worlds she creates. Her characters embody hope, something that I appreciate and need now more than ever. They are quirky and fun, but three dimensional. There are layers and complexities that play out over the tale. 

Clementine and Jack are two peas in a pod. Their upbringings as different as night and day, but their souls are alike. They both want to help others – are driven to do what they do so they can assist those around them or from afar. They share a love of reptiles; it’s kismet when they discover they both have bearded dragons named after characters from I Love Lucy. And they both suffer from trust issues, with Clementine’s a bit more severe. But because Jack dealt with and recovered from his own let-downs and double-crosses, he can understand, empathize, and help give Clementine what she needs to trust him. I loved their energy and passion.

Clearly, Clementine has a huge secret… she’s a thief, and Jack is her mark. While she falls for Jack, she (and the reader) knows these ginormous secrets must be revealed if she wants a future with him, and we understand that there will be severe consequences when the truth comes out. Stories built around this premise can stress me out. I don’t like bonds to form when I know they will be ripped apart once a secret is revealed. I am happy to report that Ms. Siskind took the ruse just to the point where needed, but not too far. I was pleased how Clementine reveals her hidden life to Jack, and more impressed with Jack’s ability to forgive. 

The one aspect of the book that weighs on my mind is a twist of sorts that plays out in the climatic scene of the book. It was something I saw coming for quite a while, but really hoped wouldn’t happen. I am not going to give spoilers, but it was something that disappointed me slightly. And then the main story abruptly ends, picking up a year later in the epilogue. I am appreciative that the author outlined with loose details some important aspects of Clementine’s life in that year between the conclusion of the book and the epilogue. And I still enjoyed the story and loved the characters. I can see why the author chose to tell the story the way she did – it makes sense – but I didn’t love that part.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed Don’t Go Stealing My Heart. I adore Jack and Clementine – they have a wonderful bond and amazing energy together. Ms. Siskind writes stories that wrap me up in another world and soothe my soul for a time. I highly recommend this, or any of her books.

My Rating: B+ Liked It A Lot

About the Book:

She wants to steal his Van Gogh. He wants to steal her heart.

Some people would call Clementine Abernathy a criminal. She considers herself a modern day Robin Hood, who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Not exactly on the up-and-up, but she knows what it’s like to lose everything. Her latest heist involves swiping a priceless Van Gogh from its owner, who’s supposed to be an egotistical trust-fund brat.

Turns out Jack David is a sexy, kind-hearted man…and Clementine is in trouble. Falling for her mark would make her the World’s Dumbest Conwoman, but Jack is charmingly persistent, always singing sweet songs in her ear.

And that earth-shattering kiss? She never stood a chance.

Now she’s imagining a fresh start with this dashing man, but that means telling Jack about her past. And other nefarious sorts are after the same painting. Too soon, Clementine learns what it means to risk it all for love.

Release Date: April 22, 2020
Standalone; Showmen #2
Contemporary Romance
paperback (348 pages), e-book
Book Source: Author

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