Tell Me Something Tuesday: April 28, 2020

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April 28th: What are some series you started or fell behind on that you would like to pick back up?

This is a tough one because the reason I usually fall behind on a series is because I have lost interest in it. So I don’t necessarily have the desire to pick it back up.

One series I have enjoyed and need to catch up with is the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries by Alyssa Day. These books are paranormal mysteries (not really UF) with a wicked sense of humor and a budding romance. I’ve read the first four and there are one or two more out there I need to read to catch up.

Sometimes, even though I’ve stopped reading a series, I have an interest in finding out what happened. For example, I stopped reading Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld back a few books ago – I got tired of it, and then when she decided that a certain couple wouldn’t get their HEA together, after years of preparing us for their coupling… It was the final straw. I have no desire to finish the series, but I would love a brief synopsis of what happened overall. Do the Lords ever find peace?

I did start the Jane Yellowrock series a few years ago, and got really frustrated with Jane, quitting after three books. I know so many people that love that series, so I’m wondering if I should try it again.

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