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 Olivia Dade
Rating: B

What I’m Talking About:

Tess is celebrating her upcoming 40th birthday by taking a tropical vacation with her best friend. When a rogue wave takes Tess’s bikini top, she enlists the help of a handsome stranger to help keep innocent children from seeing her rather large assets. 

Lucas is the resort’s once-pro, tennis instructor. He lives life day-to-day, without much meaning. But after assisting Tess with her, um… problem in the waves, he can’t stop thinking about her. And since her best friend wants to play match-maker, Lucas is more than happy to give Tess private lessons in hopes she’ll want more from him.

40-Love is another darling romance from Olivia Dade. Although set in her There’s Something About Marysburg world, it is an independent, standalone story. On the surface, Tess and Lucas look like opposites. She’s mature, set in her ways, working to earn the principle position at her school, and a work-a-holic. Lucas is young, fit, carefree, and a player. These apparent differences keep Tess from allowing her attraction to take root. She was hurt terribly by her ex, whom she found in bed with a much younger woman. Tess only sees heartache if she gets involved with Lucas.

After Tess makes some flippant remarks to Lucas about what she assumes his life to be, he sets her straight and they have a bit of a shouting match. But instead of giving up, both realize they were rash and work to move forward. They have bumps; however, their relationship has a chance and works because both characters are open and honest with one another. But beyond that, they are well-adjusted and able to learn and grow. They work though their issues with the ability of a trained psychologist. My only (very small) issue with the book is the early exit of Tess’s best friend, Belle.

Overall, 40-Love is a cute, low conflict romance. Tess and Lucas work to unpack their baggage, learning and growing because they want their island fling to extend beyond the vacation.

My Rating: B, Liked It

About the Book:

This match is no game.

When a rogue wave strips Tess Dunn of her bikini top, desperate, half-naked times call for desperate, please-cover-me-kids-are-coming-closer measures. Enter Lucas Karlsson, AKA that flirty Swede in the water nearby. When he prevents her bare buoys from being exposed to fellow vacationers, even an ocean can’t drown the sparks that fly.

Lucas, a former top-level tennis pro now giving lessons at the resort, fled there after the abrupt, painful end to his injury-plagued career. But he’s finally ready to move on with his life—and after a few late-night, hands-on sessions with Tess, he’s eager to prove he’s the ace she wants.

But this match comes with challenges: She’s forty, and at twenty-six, he’s barely old enough to rent a car. Worse, they only have two weeks together before Tess returns to her assistant-principal life in Virginia. During that brief time, they’ll have to play hard, take a few risks, and find out whether their chemistry is a one-shot wonder…or whether they’re meant to be doubles partners for life. 

Release Date: June 18, 2020
Hussies & Harpies Press
There’s Something About Marysburg #2
Contemporary Romance
paperback (318 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: Purchased with my own funds

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