Sunday Snippet: Bottle Rocket by Erin McLellan

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Bottle Rocket

Author: Erin McLellan
Publisher: self-published (Erin McLellan)
Release Date: June 15, 2020
Series: So Over the Holidays #3
Genre: contemporary romance, erotic romance, holiday romance
Content Warnings:


Fireworks exploded over their heads, but she closed her eyes, listening to the crackle and powerful booms, feeling the reverberation of each blast in her chest.

“Rosie,” Leo whispered in her ear.


“Thank you.”

“For what?”

He rested his chin on her shoulder. “For giving us this time together.”

Pain flared through her as bright and violent as the fireworks above their heads. They’d never said goodbye thirteen years ago. One day, he’d told her he was leaving, kissed her, and left. She’d known she would never see him again. She’d nursed her pain alone and moved on because she knew they’d done the right thing.

Now she’d received this time with him, a gift she’d never expected. 

She didn’t want to say goodbye.

Summer of Rosie: Take #9—nursing a broken heart.

“Let’s pretend,” she said.

“Pretend what?”

“That you’re not leaving tomorrow.” It was such a whimsical, illogical desire. She wasn’t one for whimsy as a rule, but the whole day had been colored by this fog of unreality.

His body tightened under her, but he said, “Whatever you want. Your wish. My command.”

About the Book:

Freshly single Rosie Holiday is on the hunt for passion and excitement. This leads her to Leo Whittaker—a bad boy who waltzed out of town, and her life, thirteen years ago. Leo isn’t the type to stick around, but Rosie’s not going to let a no-strings opportunity pass her by. 

When a business trip sends Leo back to his hometown, the last thing he expects is for his first love to hand him a list of scorching-hot escapades and a deadline. He’s happy to help Rosie discover her bossy side in the bedroom. Or in a fireworks stand. Or at a Fourth of July barbecue. 

Their chemistry burns bright and fast, but what tore them apart years ago is still between them. They are polar opposites. A reserved kindergarten teacher and an irreverent artist. A nester and a wanderer. It will take a spark of imagination and a lot of love to keep their second-chance romance from flaming out.

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