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Today we welcome Marla Meyers who is celebrating her new release, Chosen. She’s stopped by with some Q and A information about Chosen. 

From the Author:

Q. What was your inspiration to write this story?

A. I enjoy books that focus on family dynamics, friendships, unordinary happenings, and a twist at the end. I believe Chosen has captured these elements, so I’m hoping readers will enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Q. Are any of the characters in Chosen based on anyone you know? 

A. The fictional location of Grove Hill is based on a farm I visited when I was younger. As for the characters, the friendship between Marissa and Becka replicates my friendship with my long-time BFF.

Q. What do the daily bouquets of bluebonnets left in the barn mean? 

A. It’s a tribute, of sorts, to someone who has passed. To say more, would be a spoiler.

Q. Why is Marissa so drawn to the man in the barn?

A. In the beginning, she is fearful of this man. But the fear turns to attraction. Then, from there, she is drawn to him for reasons she doesn’t understand, which are later revealed. Thus the title—Chosen.

Q. What is the explanation for the glowing orb Marissa sees in the barn? 

A. For those who believe in the spiritual realm here on Earth, an orb is seen as a spirit who is stuck here or aimlessly floating around lost. That’s a big enough hint, I think, lol.

Q. What is the significance of the red gerber daisy on the cover? 

A. Rebirth. We see the red gerber daisy in the beginning of the book, then again at the end. 

Q. Have you published any other novels? 

A. Yes! Thank you for asking. My first published novel is Twisted (A Ghost Story), Book 1 in the Lights Out series, and book #2 in the Lights Out series is Snatched (A Ghost Story)

About the Book:

Marissa Dow is recovering from the death of her mother and a recent divorce. When she travels to the farm where she grew up, something extraordinary happens. It’s an event so bizarre that she questions her sanity and confides in her best friend, Becka, who is skeptical about Marissa’s wild tale. When proof presents itself, the two women vow to carry Marissa’s secret to their graves.

Even when Marissa remarries, she doesn’t reveal the secret to her new husband. Marissa and Brycen share a life together, and they welcome the arrival of a baby girl, whom they name Tara.

But when Tara begins to have nightmares that tie back to Marissa’s time at the farm six years ago, the family struggles to understand what is happening to Tara. As good versus evil battle for space in Tara’s world, can Marissa and Becka help her navigate? Will Tara live out her destiny–or will her life be altered by something beyond her control?

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