Tell Me Something Tuesday: July 28, 2020

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July 28: What things make a good book for you?

Wow – this is a tough one. How do I even attempt to explain that special mix of components that makes a book memorable? There are a few components that all of my favorite books have in common.

  1. Excellent storytelling. There must be strong world-building, likable characters, vivid descriptions, and a solid plotline that carries until the end. While I enjoy multi-book arc series, the individual book must be a solid, standalone story.
  2. Romances must have an HEA or HFN. This is non-negotiable any romance book. If the primary couple is not solidly together by the end of the book, it’s never going to make my favorites list.
  3. Emotional connections. While I want and need a happy ending in my books (or a solid ending for non-romances), I don’t mind a good cry in the middle. I love to feel what my characters are feeling. An author who creates a strong emotional connection between their characters and the reader is a great one!
  4. Character growth. The best books are ones where main characters mature (especially emotionally) over the course of the book. The character can and should make mistakes, but then learns how to overcome the obstacles through communication and action.
What about you? Tell Me Something about what makes a good book for your, and leave a comment!