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Book Cover of The Beat Match by Kelly SiskindThe Beat Match
Kelly Siskind
Rating: B+

What I’m Talking About:

Weston Aldrich is a work-a-holic for his father’s pharmaceutical company. Although work conditions are not ideal, he loves helping others and knowing he’s making a difference. At night, Wes becomes Falcon, the elusive and much-sought-after DJ, who lays down the beats to honor his deceased best friend, Leo, while tackling the issue of gun control though his shows.

Annie Ward misses her big brother Leo tremendously and has avoided clubs and playing the piano for the past thirteen years since Leo was shot outside a nightclub. But now she’s ready to embrace those memories and wants to learn to be a DJ from Falcon, but she needs to hide her ambitions from, and her growing attraction to, an overprotective Wes.

The Beat Match is an older brother’s best friend romance with a twist – the brother has been dead for nearly fourteen years. And it’s also a frenemies to lovers story as the pair have a “love-hate” vibe; they have bickered and teased one another for all the years that Wes has looked after his late best friend’s sister. Anyway you label it, the story has a familiar vibe, yet is unique in its execution. The main couple must deal with a tremendous amount of baggage, fears, and history to get to their HEA.

Wes and Annie have a complex relationship going into the story, which allows both to have deep and tangled feelings for one another right from the get go. He is wracked with guilt over the death of Leo, a plotline that unfolds in the book, and he promised his best friend he’d look after Annie since they had no parents in the picture. And Leo did look after her, trying to protect her, but allowing her the freedom to become the woman she wanted to be. Luckily, many years have past since Annie thought of Wes as a surrogate brother, so there isn’t really an “ick factor” the reader needs to get past. They are best friends in many ways, but they also keep big secrets from the other – Wes, because of his guilt and Annie because she doesn’t want to disappoint Wes.

I love that Annie, and to a lesser degree Wes, is able to push past her fears and admit her feelings out loud. The scene when she first lets Wes know how deeply she cares for him is emotionally charged and the tension is tangible. “He released her hand, rubbed his palms down his thighs. Rubbed her hope away.” There is just so much emotion in this simple statement – the visual is perfect and hit me right in the heart.  I love how self-aware Annie is and that she knows HOW MUCH she’s risking by telling him that she has feelings for him. She is so vulnerable. She is SOOOO open. I just admire her.

The Beat Match is another delightful romance in the Showmen series. Ms. Siskind has mastered the rom-com with heart storytelling – adding just enough seriousness and pain to create deeper emotions without giving up the humor and fluff. Each story is standalone, with loose ties to the other books. I highly recommend each and all for your reading pleasure!

My Rating: B+ Liked It A Lot

About the Book:

Two DJs. One beat. An off-limits romance neither of them expected.

Weston Aldrich is known for his devastating looks and crisp Italian suits. He’s been groomed to take over his family business and is on the brink of closing a massive merger. Only two wild cards can derail him.

Wild Card One: If anyone learns he moonlights as a masked DJ, his credibility will be toast. 

Wild Card Two: Annie can’t-hold-a-job Ward.

The Annie Ward he promised to help raise after her brother died. The scatterbrained girl who makes it her mission in life to drive him crazy. The gorgeous woman he’s not supposed to fantasize about, let alone kiss. 

Annie hates Wes’s insanely overprotective nature, and how his ridiculous bone structure makes him look like a Greek god. His jokes about her plethora of jobs are beyond irksome. She has no plans to tell him about her latest aspiration, to match beats as a budding DJ. Until she learns what Wes does at night. Now she plans to prove Weston Aldrich has met his match.

Release Date: September 16, 2020
Kelly Siskind
Showmen #3
Contemporary Romance
paperback (318 pages), e-book
Book Source: Author

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