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Book cover of The Lost Princess Returns by Jeffe KennedyThe Lost Princess Returns
Jeffe Kennedy
Rating: B-

The Lost Princess Returns wraps up one of the primary over arching story of the Uncharted Realms series: the conflict between the Tala and Dasnaria. In the previous book, the Thirteen Kingdoms and its allies were able to stop one facet of the attack, but evil remained in the seat of Darsnarian power. The Lost Princess Returns follows former princess Jenna, along with her Darnarian brothers, returning home to confront her past and remove the evil festering in the kingdom.

The story is told via first person POV of Ivariel, former Dasnarian Imperial Princess Jenna. She was introduced in person in the final Uncharted Realms/Twelve Kingdoms story, The Fate of the Tala, when she came with her family and elephants to help the Tata defeat the Deyrr. However, she’s been talked about by her brothers Harlen and Kral for as long as they have been part of the books. With that said, she was the main character and heroine of her own parallel series, The Chronicles of Dasnaria, which I did not read. 

All of the series main characters are present at some point in The Lost Princess Returns. But since the story is told from POV of a character from a series I didn’t read, I found I couldn’t engage as much. I didn’t have the emotional connection to the plight of Ivariel or the conflict that I would have with any of the other characters from the earlier stories. The author does a good job giving the reader pieces of her background, but it’s not the same as following her journey over the course of a book (or in this case, three books). 

The Lost Princess Returns is a suiting and exciting conclusion and wrap up to one of my favorite fantasy realms. While I feel I would have enjoyed it more had it come from a character with whom I’m more familiar, the story was entertaining and a welcome addition to (conclusion for) the entire set of series. 

My Rating: B- Liked It — But I had a few small issues

About the Book:

More than two decades have gone by since Imperial Princess Jenna, broken in heart and body, fled her brutal marriage—and the land of her birth. She’s since become Ivariel: warrior, priestess of Danu, trainer of elephants, wife and mother. Wiser, stronger, happier, Ivariel has been content to live in her new country, to rest her battered self, and to recover from the trauma of what happened to her when she was barely more than a girl.

But magic has returned to the world—abruptly and with frightening force—and Ivariel takes that profound change as a sign that it’s time to keep a promise she made to the sisters she left behind. Ivariel must leave the safety she’s found and return to face the horrors she fled.

As Ivariel emerges from hiding, she discovers that her vicious brother is now Emperor of Dasnaria, and her much-hated mother, the Dowager Empress Hulda, is aiding him in his reign of terror. Worse, it seems that Hulda’s resurrection of the tainted god Deyrr came about as a direct result of Jenna’s flight long ago.

It’s up to Ivariel—and the girl she stopped being long ago—to defeat the people who cruelly betrayed her, and to finally liberate her sisters. Determined to cleanse her homeland of the evil that nearly destroyed her, Ivariel at last returns to face the past.

But this time, she’ll do it on her own terms. 

Release Date: June 29, 2020
Brightlynx Publishing
The Chronicles of Dasnaria #4 / The Uncharted Realms #5.5 / The Twelve Kingdoms #8.5
Fantasy, novella
paperback (170 pages), e-book
Book Source: Author

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