Tell Me Something Tuesday: September 15, 2020

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September 15: What are some good reading habits that you have adopted?

UGH – I have horrible reading habits, so don’t look to me for guidance.

Let’s see… pre-COVID, I was reading about 30-45 minutes before sleeping, and then more hours during the weekends. I would also read a few hours on my days off. One habit I developed is having a good cup of tea with me (not the before bed reading), which also keeps me from snacking.

Another good habit I have is to listen to audiobooks while I walk – I find I move more and go further when listening to an audiobook. I still have that habit, and I’m walking roughly 40 minutes each morning – making up for the lack of listening time I no long have in my commute to work.

Reading a book now… it’s a crap-shoot. I try to read before sleep, but I’m going to bed later (watching TV or playing games with BG), so I’m more sleepy and less likely to read. Bad habit. COVID messed up a lot of our reading habits – I found that I wanted to be social instead of solitary reading, so I was online or playing games. I’m not sure when my habits will correct, but for now, I just go with it.

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