Tell Me Something Tuesday: November 24, 2020

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November 24th: Gratitude. What books, authors, narrators, bloggers are you most thankful for this year?

Wow! This could encompass so many people… I’ll try to narrow it down a bit.


In a year when my reading volume decreased tremendously and I found it difficult to stay engaged in several books, a few stand out to me.


I found so many authors sharing their COVID stories or sending out positive and uplifting messages on Twitter, especially during the election. I want to thank all of them. I also want to call out two authors that brought me much joy this year:

  • Kevin Hearne. He had two AMAZING books come out in 2020 and I loved both. He kept me entertained with his newsletters, tweets, and stories.
  • Ilona Andrews (Gordon and Ilona). They do so much for their fans. The share the good and bad of their lives via their blog. They released two of my favorite, 5-star reads of 2020. And they started the Julie-centric spinoff from the Kate Daniels series.


Again, I am thankful for the narrators who’ve been sharing on social media. I love hearing their stories. Here are a couple whose work in 2020 brought me joy:

  • Xe Sands. I just love her voice and work narrating audiobooks. This past year, I listened to two audiobooks she worked on. I loved both. I also love her beautiful photos she posts on Instagram.
  • Lorelei King. She’s still my favorite. And she’s such a lovely person on social media. Plus she narrated two of my favorite audiobooks in 2020.
  • Karen White. LOVE, love, love Karen. She’s always been so generous with her time, helping me understand audiobooks and narration. She narrates a cozy mystery series (that I love), which I started at the end of 2019 and listened to in 2020. Plus – she’s now an author! Writing lovely “retro” romances set in the 1980s.


How to narrow this down?!

What about you? Tell Me Something and leave a comment!