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From the Author:

book cover of Dreams of the Past by  Laura HunsakerI wanted to give a huge thank you to Jen for having me today, and I’m really excited to be here! I am a planner addict. I’m one of those people, yep. And as I was flipping through my writing bullet journal, I came across the page that said: Last Day of Lockdown 04/20/20. Oh, my sweet, naive, innocent self from Spring of 2020. If I had had any idea that our lockdown wouldn’t have just been two weeks, I probably wouldn’t have believed it.

One thing I’ve noticed during the past eight months is that my attention span is terrible. I have three books I have been dying to read. Seriously, I pre-ordered them and fully expected to devour each one…and yet…I don’t have the attention span for it right now. 

I have wanted to read short stories, novellas, anthologies so I can pick and choose and skip around…and I suddenly don’t want intense Romantic Suspenses, dark Urban Fantasies, or angsty Romances…which is seriously not like me at all. When I started scouring my Kindle for lighter and happier rom coms, I discovered I don’t want full-length either. And this has transferred into my writing. I’m in the middle of a Romantic Suspense series called Fatal Instincts and about three-quarters of the way into the book, I was offered the chance to write for a box set. All of my main ideas for the story weren’t allowed: It was a straight Contemporary Romance, no paranormal aspects, no suspense, and rated G. 

Enter my short story Dreams of the Past. This story is no longer in the box set anymore, but it is available on its own (and it’s no longer rated G). I wrote a happy, low-angst, sweet story with a meddling godmother, a double-book beach cottage, and two people who found being alone with their thoughts wasn’t what they wanted after all. And the best part is that it fits right into my Fatal Instincts series and doesn’t even have a serial killer! OMG I know right?! I’m kidding, I’m kidding…mostly.

In case you’re like me, and you really need something happy and easy to read without any stress, and it’s around 50 pages long so you can read it quickly, pick up Dreams of the Past for $.99 now!

The story that Joan Reeves calls, “A sweetheart of a story.”

And Alexandra Ivy says, A troubled past leads to romance at Last Chance Beach. A story filled with charm, heartache and the promise of love that will bring a smile your face. Jenny and Scott are the perfect couple.”

Book Blurb:

She needs rest, he needs relaxation…

Jenny Travers wants a fresh start. Leaving the nightmares of her past behind her, she heads to Last Chance Beach. Renting the Sea Glass Cottage sounds peaceful and relaxing, which is exactly what she needs.

What she doesn’t need is a man.

Lieutenant Commander Scott Gordon was injured by an IED on his last mission, and while his leg has healed, it’ll never be strong enough to stay on his SEAL team. Renting the Sea Glass Cottage sounds like the perfect place to figure out how he’s going to handle his new normal. 

He never expected to find a woman in his bed.

A mix-up at the rental agency means Jenny and Scott are both renting the small cottage. Sharing a space with a stranger should be hard, yet they both feel more at peace than they have in months. 

Will their summer romance last, or is the magic of Sea Glass Cottage all they’ll have…

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