Listen Up! Audiobook Review: Ghosts Just Wanna Have Fun by Danielle Garrett

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Audiobook review: Ghosts Just Wanna Have Fun by Danielle Garrett

Audiobook cover: Ghosts Just Wanna Have Fun by Danielle GarrettI can’t believe it’s been a year since we last got a story from Scarlet’s POV! Ghosts Just Wanna Have Fun starts sometime after the conclusion of the fifth Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mystery with Scarlet and Lucas on their Hawaiian honeymoon. They are staying at the huge private home of a producer friend of Lucas, and of course, the ghost trio of Flapjack, Gwen, and Haywood tag along to see the sites. Of note, a reality romance show is being filmed next door. 

Ghosts Just Wanna Have Fun takes listeners on location and away from the Harbor. I enjoyed the new locale and loved seeing Scarlet and Lucas get some quality alone time. I like that, for the most part, Scarlet separates herself from the ghosts and focuses on her honeymoon and time with Lucas. There are a few tense moments for the pair, but they talk out issues, make apologies when necessary, and compromise when needed. I enjoyed seeing Scarlet mature in her relationships with Lucas, but also with the ghosts, not letting them dictate her life. That doesn’t mean Scarlet’s drive to investigate diminishes, it just looks a bit different and is more balanced.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mystery without a murder and a ghost! One of the contestants in the dating show dies and makes her ghostly appearance known to the ghost trio, who eventually bring concerns to Scarlet. There is a pretty good twist in the ghostly action this time, and I enjoyed the change up. Scarlet, with the help of her friends and Lucas, figure out whodunit and save the day.

Narration: As always, the Beechwood Harbor gang is brought to life through the performance of Amanda Ronconi, who consistently does a wonderful job. The Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries is voiced from the first person POV of Scarlet. Ms. Ronconi captures Scarlet’s kindness, generosity, and determination. But also convincingly voices her frustration when called for. Additionally, Ms. Ronconi gives each of the three primary ghost regulars distinct and appropriate voices, and her male voices are generally deeper and fitting. 

Overall, Ghosts Just Wanna Have Fun is another fun adventure. The story has a good balance of mystery, romance, and ghosts. I love how things are progressing in Scarlet’s life – her love life, her powers, her time management. 

My Ratings
Story: B+
Narration: B+

About the Book:

Nothing puts a damper on a romantic Hawaiian honeymoon quite like a dead body. 

A reality dating show is filming next door to our rental digs, and besides the giggly pool parties and late night soirées, things are tolerable. At least, until a contestants goes belly—and fabulous ball gown—up in the pool. Suddenly, our vacation suddenly takes a backseat to a murder investigation. 

Chaos is unleashed on the quiet community, complete with a pesky paparazzi, brawling bachelorettes, and a bitter ghost hellbent on revenge. It’s impossible to relax, and I’m plunged into the hunt for the killer before someone else gets hurt. 

At least I’m getting a tan.

Author: Danielle Garrett
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
Series: Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries #6
Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Audiobook Release Date: January 12, 2021
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Length: 4 hours, 31 mins
Source: Tantor Audio
Audio Speed: 1.25x

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