Sunday Snippet: A More Perfect Union Anthology

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A More Perfect Union Anthology

Authors: Adrienne Bell, Kilby Blades, Aliza Mann, Claire Marti, R.L. Merrill, M.D. Neu, Dawn Montgomery, Sera Taíno, and Kearney Wentworth
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: January 19, 2021
Genre: Contemporary Romance collection featuring LGBTQ+ and M/F pairings


Here are some of the stories you’ll find in the collection: 

book cover of A More Perfect Union anthology“Election Night” by M.D. Neu

Elections are stressful enough, and none more than this one. With so much riding on the vote this year, Sammy needed involvement to get her candidate elected and into the Whitehouse. Now on election night she’s had a terrible day, but plans to work until the bitter end. Already late for her volunteering, Sammy rushes for the ancient building elevator, mercifully being held for her by an attractive stranger. More than an election is held in the balance when the elevator gets stuck between floors and Sammy finds out that the woman stuck with her works for the enemy camp. Who will win the election, and how will these two women make it out of the elevator in one piece?

“Canvassing for Love” by Claire Marti

A brilliant, beautiful ACLU attorney who is determined to go the extra mile to fight for equality and justice. A sexy, nerdy law professor who volunteers in every election to honor his great-grandmother, one of the original suffragettes. Lily’s never forgotten the man who ghosted her after one perfect night. James has always regretted breaking his promise to the woman of his dreams. Will canvassing the neighborhood together simply fulfill their civic duties or will their sizzling attraction spark a second chance at love?

“The Change That Came” by Aliza Mann

In 1966, justice was hard to come by in the rural South–especially when a Black man was the victim. Against all odds, FBI Agent Drake Freeman swore that he’d find it for Mr. Wayne Almond. What he didn’t expect was Wayne’s daughter, Mandy, to step on the scene and redirect his course. As much as he wanted to solve the case, he wanted her, too. To protect her, to save her, to love her. But she was a beautiful distraction he couldn’t afford.

Mandy Almond didn’t know how much her life would change when she diverted her local Sheriff from interrogating a handsome stranger. Black men in her town after sundown didn’t stand a chance, and she didn’t want anyone else to suffer her father’s tragic fate. Though Drake Freeman didn’t need her help—he was sharp, honorable, and committed to finding the truth— she needed his. Losing her heart was a risk she just had to take.

And the following is an excerpt from R.L. Merrill’s “Joy Is A Phone Call Away.”

I loved a good call where I could connect with like-minded people. It gave me faith in humanity. I was on such a high from the last call I was dancing in my seat as I dialed the next number.

“This is Dylan.”

I was ripped from my moment of glory.

“Uh, I’m sorry, is this Dylan Whitley?”

“Yes, it is, may I ask who’s calling?”

I wasn’t prepared for the soft, sleepy voice on the other end of the line. I was expecting a dude because of the name, which was a lame assumption on my part. I did a double take and saw the Ms. before her name.

“Hi, um, hi. Sorry. I’m Joy and I’m calling with the party. The Democrats. The runoff. Oh my god, can I start over?”

The line was dead silent and I thought for sure she’d hung up on me.

Then she chuckled.

“Give it a shot.”

“Great. Thank you. I’m not usually this bad.”


I’m not sure what I was expecting, but more quiet distracted me again. I found myself trying to picture what Dylan Whitley looked like. What would the face to match that incredible voice be like?

“Are you there?”

Her voice startled me and I jumped, knocking over a cup with push pins, which went all over the floor. I jumped up and smacked my shin on the corner of the desk drawer, which I always did and I specifically reminded myself to watch out for every time I got up. I made a face to keep from shouting and then let out a long breath.

“I’m so sorry. I just… Hi. Let me start over.” Pull it together, Joy. “I’m Joy and I’m calling from the Georgia Democratic Party and I wanted to—”

“The runoff election.”

I exhaled for probably the first time since she’d answered.

“Yes. I wanted to ask you if you were planning to vote?”

The line went quiet.

“I’d planned to, but uh…I’ve had a change of status.”

“Oh.” I wasn’t prepared for that answer, but I was a professional. I could handle it. “Is there something I can help with?”

“Not unless you are a miracle worker.”

“Well,” I said and then barked out a laugh. “I bring Joy with every call, so miracles aren’t too far out of my purview.” She’d laugh at my stupid joke, or she’d hang up. Either way, I likely wasn’t making a good impression. The dead air on the other end of the line was killing me.

“Do you always work this hard for a laugh?”

“I’ll do anything to protect our democracy, so I guess slipping on a banana peel or a bad pun aren’t too high a price to pay.”

“Duly noted.” And she laughed. It felt like a victory.

From the Authors:

We hope you’ll join us as love wins and democracy receives an HEA. The collection also includes stories from Adrienne Bell, Dawn Montgomery, Kilby Blades and Kearney Wentworth. A diverse bunch of folks sharing their passion for social justice and fighting against voter suppression. You can find more about the authors and the stories on our Facebook Page. All proceeds from the collection will go to support Fair Fight, and you can find more information at Thank you so much for hosting us today!

About the Book:

Love wins in this collection of nine all new, voting-themed romances. 

A set of bite-sized romance short stories with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Fair Fight, an organization dedicated to combatting voter suppression.

From the campaign headquarters to the polls, A More Perfect Union features brand new stories from: Adrienne Bell, Kilby Blades, Aliza Mann, Claire Marti, R.L. Merrill, M.D. Neu, Dawn Montgomery, Sera Taíno, and Kearney Wentworth. 

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