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book cover of What a Guy Wants by Judi FennellWhat A Guy Wants
Judi Fennell
Rating: B-/C+

What I’m Talking About:

Beckett, aka Beck, loses the gang’s monthly poker game, so it’s his turn to work for his friend Mac’s Manley Maid Service for a month. Beck grew up in the foster system, no plans, no ambition, but that’s all behind him now and he’s a financial wiz and highly successful. When he arrives on the job in the too-tight, hideous green uniform Mac insists he wear, he finds out that he’s working for his high school crush.

Dr. Jennifer Bingham has a lot on her plate, including raising her young niece, Sami, because Jennifer’s twin sister has an issue with drugs, left Sami alone, and is now doing time in jail. Additionally, Jennifer divorced her husband two years back when she discovered him stealing drugs from her vet clinic. When she opens the door to greet the maid she’s hired to help her get back on top of things, she’s surprised to see John Becker, the bad boy from high school she had a crush on senior year.

What a Guy Wants is an entertaining tale about reconnecting when the time is right. Overall, the story is fun and easy to read. I like the premise of the series and enjoy the playful nature of this book. I’m a sucker for second chances and love that Jennifer and Beck get theirs. Jen and Beck ran in different circles back in high school, and based on who they were then and how they’ve changed since, they would not have made to an HEA if they’d dated back then. Beck had no plans and was a player. In fact, he had a one-night-stand with Jennifer’s twin many years ago. The thing is, neither believes the other recognizes them (especially since both have changed names), so they continue to pretend they are strangers.

Although I like the premise of the story, I have issues… First, the grandmother… She is AWFUL! And Jennifer apparently has been putting up with it for a couple years. She refuses to acknowledge her great-granddaughter and continually tells Jennifer that Sami is a waste of her time. It’s ugly and unforgivable. Jennifer should have cut her off well before the start of the book. Second, Sami is just a bit too manipulative for me to get behind. It goes past “the cute things kids do,” and well into dangerous and reckless. I understand the reasoning the author uses to create this in Sami, but for me, it was too much and at times cringy. Finally, as much as I loved the game of pretending they didn’t know one another, I would have preferred for them to come clean about knowing one another’s identity well before it actually happens. I wanted to see them connect more after the truth comes out, rather than go from things being a hot mess to happily-ever-after pretty much instantly.

In the end, I enjoy the series and found What a Guy Wants to be an entertaining story. Personally, I had a few issues, but the tone is light and breezy, and I think most readers will enjoy the rom-com aspects of the story.

My Rating: B-/C+ Liked It, but I had issues

About the Book:

Everything financial whiz-wunderkind Beckett Fields touches turns to gold—well, ever since he changed his name and turned his life around. But when he bets on the monthly poker game, it looks like his luck has just run out.

Or has it?

Dr. Jennifer Bingham has done everything right her whole life, starting in high school when she tried to help a cute guy everyone else thought was a loser. And now, thanks to the mess her twin sister has made of her life, Jennifer is raising her niece, Sami. 

When bad boy Beckett shows up to clean her house, using a different name now, she tries to forget how he snubbed her years ago. But because of her ex-husband’s lies, the fallout from her sister’s mistakes, and the mystery of who might have fathered her niece, Jennifer isn’t leaving anything up to chance.

Until Sami runs away to find her dad, and Beckett antes up his support, his truth, and his love.

That’s a bet Jennifer’s willing to take.

Release Date: October 14, 2020
Mergenie Books/self-published
Manley Maids #5
Contemporary Romance
paperback (370 pages), e-book
Book Source: Author

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