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Author: Marie Tuhart
Publisher: Hot Blooded Press
Release Date: February 19, 2021
Series: Wicked Sanctuary #3
Genre: Contemporary erotic romance


Book cover of Seduce by Marie TuhartTessa turned her head at the sound of the husky voice and froze. She knew that voice. Those vibrant, gleaming blue eyes she’d know anywhere, even behind the wolf mask he wore.

Oh sh*t, Damon was a member of the club.

“Who is this tasty morsel?”

“I don’t know. Remember we’re supposed to guess who the other person is, Sir,” Regina replied.

He didn’t recognize her. That was interesting. Her gaze took in his black pants, no shirt, loafers, and a gold wolf mask. He was the total package, and he took her breath away and made her heart pound.

“That is correct.” Damon studied her, and Tessa fought not to squirm. She was dressed perfectly fine for the club. A short black skirt and dark blue crop top to match her blue feathered mask. She wasn’t quite ready for fetwear. “I feel like I should know you, but no one comes to mind.”

Tessa smiled and batted her lashes. She wasn’t sure if her voice would give her away or not.

“If you’ll excuse me…” Regina scampered off.

“May I?” Damon asked, reaching for her hand.

“Yes.” He’d asked. Consent. Safe, sane, and consensual was part of the club’s rules.

Damon took her hand. Awareness flowed through her veins. This was Damon, she reminded herself. The man she’d called an ass on more than one occasion, but also the man who made sure she was safe when driving her home. Yes, he made her skin tingle and her p*ssy clench, but was she ready for such a dominant man?

“Experienced sub. Interesting. Tonight’s party is for members and their one guest only. So you belong to someone?”

“I belong to no one.” Tessa wanted to clamp her hand over her mouth. “I’m a member.

Damon stared at her. “I still don’t recognize you, and I know all the members who are here tonight. Who are you?”

Tessa grinned. “You’ll have to guess.” She dropped her voice slightly.

“Will you allow me to escort you around the party?” he asked.

“Are you going to eat me, wolf?” Where were these words coming from? Tessa wasn’t a flirt, but when it came to Damon, she couldn’t seem to control her mouth or her desire.

“Now that is an interesting question.” He leaned over. “It depends on what you want me to eat. You or crow?”

Tessa burst out laughing. Only Damon. “You are a flirt.”

“I’m a wolf.” He growled. “Shall we?” He drew her arm through his.

“This probably isn’t a good idea.” She would be crazy to hang out with him.

Damon tilted his head. “Are you attached? Were you given the wrong color?”

“I’m not attached, and no, I wasn’t given the wrong color.” How could she phrase this without giving anything away?

“Excuse me,” a male voice intruded. Tessa’s attention was pulled away from Damon to see Max wearing a black mask. “One of the Doms would like your help in the bondage area.”

“All right.” Damon slid his hand down to her wrist and lifted her hand to his lips. “I’ll find you later, my sweet.” He kissed her knuckles, released her hand, and walked away.

Tessa couldn’t breathe. His warm lips on her hand had taken the breath right out of her.

About the Book:

Wicked Sanctuary…surrender your inhibitions

Weird. That one word buried the bold, explorative side of librarian Tessa Ruthledge until she visits Wicked Sanctuary on masquerade night and runs into Damon. The persistent man refuses to let her hide and pushes all the right buttons, fanning the cravings she’s suppressed for so long, including her submission. But when her political family starts making noise, Tessa fears her father’s reach could ruin Damon and her friends.

Industrial designer Damon Kline wants Tessa in his arms, his bed, and at his mercy. Her spirit, her sense of humor, and everything about her claims his attention. She’s the one and getting past her defenses is a challenge he’s up for. 

When Tessa’s influential father takes on Damon and the club, Tessa must choose between protecting her new family or following her own heart’s desire.

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About the Author:

Marie Tuhart lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with two energetic Chihuahua Terrier  mixes. Marie loves to read and write, when she’s not writing, she spends time with her dogs, family, traveling and enjoying life. She loves to hear from readers.

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