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Today we welcome sweet romance author Harlem C. Boston to That’s What I’m Talking About. She’s here to chat with us about romance and her newly released debut title, A Princess Doesn’t Kiss Frogs. Please welcome Harlem…

book cover of A Princess Doesn't Kiss FrogsJen: Greetings and welcome to my blog! We are very excited to have you. You describe yourself as a lover of sweet romance… what genre do you lean more towards?

Harlem: I am a contemporary romance girl! I love to love, and it just feels right when two people are connected by love, and willing to challenge each other.

Jen: Was reading a big part of your childhood growing up?

Harlem: I have always been into reading, my mother was an educator, and she started working with me from birth. So she would read a book to me, and most of the time, if not every time, I would ask her to read it over again, because it was something magical about those stories that made me want to experience whatever feeling I was feeling over and over again.

Jen: I can relate! I loved escaping into other worlds through reading. Have you ever wanted to be a writer, or do you have dreams of another profession?

Harlem: Oh yeah! I wanted to be a singer and songwriter which leads me right back to writing, but I love to play around with notes a lot.

Jen: When did you decide writing was the right path for you?

Harlem: Actually, it was 3 years ago, I saw another author who I was unfamiliar with at that time, and she was doing a number of different things in publishing, and I became interested in her career choice, and I took it as a sign that I was supposed to do the same. Although, publishing was new to me, I became fearless, and trusted my instincts, and followed the path that was handed to me.

Jen: Now that you’ve gone through the publishing process, is there anything you would change or done differently?

Harlem: I don’t think I would do anything differently because what works for one somebody might not necessarily work for the next person. Of course, there’s always things you feel like you could have done better once you have completed the process, but you have to do what works best for you.

Jen: Sounds exciting! So let’s talk about your new book! Who is the protagonist in A Princess Doesn’t Kiss Frogs?

Harlem: Mahogany Taylor is a shark in business, in other words she’s the Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada. But unlike Miranda, Mahogany suffers with body image issues. She was pranked by her college crush, and hasn’t been able to let go of that pain ever since, even though she’s now successful, with her own branding company, and is considered the creme’ de la creme’, hobnobbing with celebrities, still she can’t move past the prank. So her best friends trick her into going on a ski trip to Aspen, and while being there she bumps into her college crush.

Jen:  Why should readers be interested in A Princess Doesn’t Kiss Frogs?

Harlem: Because it is a ridiculously funny, love story about two flawed characters who just want to be loved like we all do at the end of the day. What is life without love? A Princess Doesn’t Kiss Frogs is different, but worth the read.

Jen: What are your future writing plans?

Harlem: Hopefully, gearing up for the next series to A Princess Doesn’t Kiss Frogs. So please be on the look out for it.

Jen: Thanks for stopping by today! It’s been a pleasure. 

About the Book:

Mahogany joins her besties in the beautiful snowy mountains, and doesn’t expect to find anything. Well… That is until her college crush Des Franklin shows up uninvited. Des Franklin, the hot bod, physical therapist any day other than when he puts his firefighter volunteer hat on.

Undeniably the perfect pair especially when they’re sneaking off to cover each other in chocolate kisses, but Mahogany won’t admit that she’s slightly attracted to him. Absolutely not, never going to happen in a million plus years, but when fate takes control sparks fly. However, just when she starts to fall for the green-eyed hunkster, Mahogany’s high profile client gives Des play by play competition, and her face ends up plastered all over social media.
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About the Author:

Harlem C. Boston is the literary southern doll of Tennessee and a lover of all things romantic. She has an associate degree in psychology and enjoys listening to R&B music. Love stories make her swoon and Hallmark movies keep her smiling.