Review: The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes by Xio Axelrod

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book cover of The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes by Xio AxelrodThe Girl with Stars in Her Eyes
Xio Axelrod
Rating: B

What I’m Talking About:

Although she’s a talented musician, Antonia “Toni” Bennett doesn’t crave notoriety or the spotlight. Toni’s dream is become part owner in a local recording studio, but she doesn’t have the funds to buy her way in. When given the opportunity to play with an up and coming all-girls band, she reluctantly takes the temporary gig so she can earn enough to make her dreams come true.

Sebastian Quick left his small town in Pennsylvania with only one regret, that he broke his promise to his best friend when he left her behind. When fate brings Toni back into his life, he realizes it is past time to make some changes in his life and possibly in the band who’s members are his found family.

The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes is a lovely story about second chances and making dreams come true. The book spends more time on the women’s fiction side of the slow-burn romance line, and the pace matches accordingly. The story follows both Toni and Seb as they face inner-demons, learn to trust, and discover what each really wants in life. The romance plays second fiddle to their individual stories. One of the reasons is that there is a no-fraternization clause in their contracts, keeping the pair apart as they reconnect. I love that the no-frat clause is used as a tool to build sexual tension and allows the pair to get reacquainted rather than jumping into bed together.

As Toni connects with her new bandmates, she learns to trust and falls in love with playing with the band. It causes her to reevaluate her dreams, her life, and I love the path she ends up taking. Each of the supporting characters is strong in her own right, and I look forward to reading each story. The music and characters help shape the story and Toni/Seb’s journey.  

Overall, I really enjoyed The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes, although it took me a long time to become completely invested. It starts out slow, but it’s fitting for the overall story. It’s one that when done, I loved knowing the characters and enjoyed the journey.

My Rating: B, Liked It

About the Book:

They say the road to stardom is paved with broken dreams.

Growing up, Antonia “Toni” Bennett’s guitar was her only companion…until she met Sebastian Quick. Seb was a little older, a lot wiser, and he became Toni’s way out, promising they’d escape their small town together. Then Seb turned eighteen and split without looking back.

Now, Toni B is all grown up and making a name for herself in Philadelphia’s indie rock scene. When a friend suggests she try out for the hottest new band in the country, she decides to take a chance. She’s in for a surprise when one of the decision-makers turns out to be none other than Seb. Toni can handle it. No problem. Or it wouldn’t be if Seb didn’t still hold a piece of her heart, not to mention the key to her future. 

Release Date: May 4, 2021
Sourcebook Casablanca
The Lillys #1
Contemporary Romance
paperback (448 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: NetGalley

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