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Kait Ballenger

Today I’m happy to welcome paranormal romance author Kait Ballenger to the blog. She’s answering a few questions and telling us more about her upcoming release. Please help me welcome Kait!

Featured Author Q and A:

Can you tell us a little bit about your writing: What genres do you write? Do you prefer to write one genre over another? 

I write sexy, captivating paranormal romance about hot heroes who are cowboys by day, wolf shifters by night. My books could be described as full of heat and heart.

What is your newest/upcoming release? Tell us about the book and series.

My upcoming release is Fierce Cowboy Wolf, which will be out on July 27th. It’s the fourth book in my Seven Range Shifter series and each book in the series follows The Grey Wolves, a pack of wolf shifters who make their home out on a ranch near Yellowstone in Montana. Alongside six other shifter clans, they rule the Montana mountainsides they call home. This particular book is about the alpha and Grey Wolf packmaster, Maverick Grey, and Sierra Cavanaugh, who is the first female elite warrior in the pack’s history. They are former childhood friends turned adult rivals and now they both need a marriage of convenience to serve their purposes, but the only thing more dangerous than the growing desire between them is the assassin intent on barring the deal.

What inspires you to write your current book/series?

My current series was inspired by the question: “if wolf shifters lived in the real world, where would they live and how would they survive?” The natural answer was: where real wolves live, out near Yellowstone and the west’s national parks. The idea took hold from there. The seven shifter clans came from seven species of apex predators native to Montana.

If you could be any paranormal/supernatural being, what would you choose? Why?

Choosing a wolf shifter would be too obvious an answer and in truth I’m a bit too solitary for pack life. I wouldn’t want the burden of immortality that comes with being a vampire, so I think I would be a witch. It’d be great to have magic powers, but still be able to live alongside humanity easily. 

Do you use real or fictional locations in your stories? What kind of research do you do for the setting?

I use a mixture of both. Montana is obviously a real state and the cities, highways, forests, etc. that the character’s prowl around in the series are mostly real locations. For those, I do a lot of internet research about locations, local flora and fauna, weather patterns, ranching practices and so on. It helps that my hubby is a research librarian. But Wolf Pack Run, the ranch where the Grey Wolves live is fictional, despite that the land where it fictionally resides exists in real life.

What book are you reading right now? What are a few of your favorite reads from 2021?

Right now I’m reading For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten, which is a dark fantasy novel with a small dash of romance. My favorite read of 2021 so far has been A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maass. It’s an older book, but new to me.

CMCon Quickies:

Coffee or Tea? Tea
Beach or Pool? Pool
Mermaids: real or fictional? Fictional
Cozies or police procedurals? Police procedurals
Cats, dogs, pigs, or other? All of the above? 😉

THANKS so much for playing along, Kait! Now let’s learn more about her upcoming title:

Fierce Cowboy Wolf

book cover of Fierce Cowboy Wolf by Kait BallengerCowboys by day, wolf shifters by night: These bad boys are ready to heat things up in a sexy paranormal wolf shifter romance from author Kait Ballenger.

Sierra Cavanaugh has worked her whole life to become the first female elite warrior in Grey Wolf history. With her nomination finally put forward, all she needs is the pack council’s approval. But those stuffy old wolves refuse to elect her unless she finds herself a mate.

Packmaster Maverick Grey was reconciled to spending the rest of his life alone. Now, having entered into treaty renegotiations with all the Seven Range clans, he needs the elite warrior vacancy filled—and fast. If Sierra needs a mate, this is his chance to claim her. But Sierra has an agenda of her own for their union, and they’ll need to work together against the assassin intent on barring the deal.

For these two rivals, the only thing more dangerous than fighting the enemy at their backs is battling the war of seduction building between them…

“Kait Ballenger is a treasure you don’t want to miss.”—GENA SHOWALTER, New York Times bestselling author

Book Title: Fierce Cowboy Wolf
Author Name: Kait Ballenger
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pub Date: July 27, 2021
Series: Seven Range Shifters #4
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Purchase Link: books2read.com/u/4jLKVv

About the Author:

CMCon Featured Author graphic of Kait BallengerKait Ballenger is the award-winning and bestselling author of the Seven Range Shifter paranormal romance series, where she weaves captivating tales of dark, sexy heroes who are cowboys by day, wolf shifters by night.

When Kait’s not preoccupied writing “intense and riveting” paranormal plots or “high-voltage” love scenes that make even seasoned romance readers blush, she can usually be found spending time with her family or with her nose buried in a good book. She lives in Florida with her husband and two young sons.

Visit Kait’s website or sign up for her newsletter at www.kaitballenger.com

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