#CMCon22 Featured Author Spotlight: Tigris Eden

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Tigris Eden

Today I’m happy to welcome paranormal romance author Tigris Eden to the blog. She’s answering a few questions and telling us more about her upcoming release. Please help me welcome Tigris!

Featured Author Q and A:

What is your newest/upcoming release? Tell us about the book and series.

My upcoming release as of this moment is a book I co-wrote with the amazing Rene Folsom, called Interwoven The Selection. It’s a reverse harem PNR with dragon shifters. The heroine actually falls for her enemy and of course they are sexy dragons. I think the best way to describe the series which is called The Sacred Six. She starts off as a slave in a woman’s camp and is chose to be the lady of an elite house of dragon shifters. The entire time she wants nothing more than to escape until maybe she doesn’t anymore. LOL I also have New Beginnings which is part of my Stories from Beauville universe with India Danvers taking front and center. Release date on that is TBD. But Interwoven releases August 24th 2021.

What is your favorite thing about the Coastal Magic Convention?

My favorite thing about CMC are the authors and the readers. I always get to meet new and interesting people each year I attend. 

If you could be any paranormal/supernatural being, what would you choose? Why?

I would legit choose to be a shapeshifter. Not one specific kind either, I think the correct term would be Skinwalker, so that I can walk amongst different beings. Like if one day I wanted to be a dolphin or whale, or even a jellyfish. I could go hang out in the sea, or If I wanted to run with wolves or mountain gorillas I could do that to.

Do you use real or fictional locations in your stories? What kind of research do you do for the setting?

Depends on the type of story I’m writing. If I’ve been there before I will take note based on memory and look up the rest. If it’s a place I’ve not been, I will sometimes buy a travel guide for that place, or even look into their transportation system and read some of the reviews from other travelers to get a feel for the setting. But nine times out of ten, I’m creating my own worlds with my own locations.

CMCon Quickies:

Coffee or Tea? Tea
Beach or Pool? Beach
Mermaids: real or fictional? Definitely real, they are really good about staying undercover or is that water? LOL
Cozies or police procedurals? Neither
Cats, dogs, pigs, or other? Peacocks, Cats, an Egyptian Mau to be exact and a Tibetan Mastiff, and some Manchester Terries

THANKS so much for playing along, Tigris! Now let’s learn more about her upcoming title:

About the Book:

My name is Zhavia Starke, but I’m not known for my name.

I’ve always wanted to run from this life I’m forced to live… a life of slavery and oppression. I thought the annual selection would be my ticket out of this hell. So when another woman from my camp is chosen to be the lady of an elite house, I am forced to take matters into my own hands. In this harsh world, I have no allies. I am the only person I can depend on to pave my future—my freedom.

Being selected to an elite house has great responsibilities, yet I have never been motivated by status. Now won’t be an exception. Instead, my desire to escape has consumed my every waking moment, even when I’m assigned as a servant to one of the five royal houses.

My undoing comes in the form of five handsome and mysterious brothers hell-bent on thwarting my escape. The secrets and magic that hide behind House Kincaid prove to be an enticing challenge, which ends up putting major kinks in my plans for freedom.

Along with a mixture of precise timing and the hope of immunity, I will still find a way to get out… or die trying.

Book Title: Interwoven: The Selection
Author Names: Tigris Eden and Rene Folsom
Pub Date: August 24, 2021
Series: The Sacred Six Series #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Purchase Link: https://amzn.to/3AxCTCO

About the Author:

Coastal Magic Con image of Author Tigris EdenUSA Today Bestselling Author, Tigris is a military brat who’s done her fair share of traveling, thanks to her Army father. She’s married to the infamous LL and has three boys. She currently resides in Houston and is actively seeking a book-buddy for the end of the world.

You can find Tigris on Twitter, Facebook, and at her website.
Twitter: @Tigris_Eden
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TigrisEdenAuthor/
Website: www.tigriseden.com
Newsletter: http://bit.ly/2erNppJ