Release Day Spotlight: Romancing the Stone Witch by Keri Stevens

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Today we are celebrating the release of 

Romancing the Stone Witch by Keri Stevens


book cover of Romancing the Stone Witch by Keri StevensHe gave into temptation, breathing through his nose to maintain his control, and reached for Delia’s fists. Her hands trembled as he gently peeled her fingers open to see her palms. He stroked a fingertip over the row of callouses across the top of her palm, and she shuddered and released a quiet moan. Her hands were tiny, but tough, hands that knew labor. He couldn’t help himself. He caressed the center of her palm, and Delia sobbed out his name.

Then she snatched her hands back. Her face was bright red, and her breaths quick and short.

If he pulled her to him, she would come. She wanted him.

But she was also a cagey little pickpocket who wanted access to this house. How far would she go to persuade him?

“I need this job, Grant. With the shape my father’s in I can’t go back to D.C. right now. Besides…” She took a ragged breath. “I need something to do each day besides watch him lie there.”

Her father. That jackass. He had a treasure, a woman who knew her specialty intimately and had the background and ability to make bank for him, but Vernon Forrest had tossed his treasure away.

Grant never made the mistake of tossing treasure away. He found it, he sold it, and he used it to secure Randi’s happiness and keep his sister safe.

“I’m putting a rush on this. The guys I have coming to work the store job will work the renovation as well. I’ll be paying for and expecting lots of overtime. You can’t do this and serve your clients as well, Delia.”

“I might need to see to a couple of museum pieces, but I can put most of them off. I will give all of my focus to Steward House. I swear it.”

The old dame didn’t deserve to be a smoked-out shell. She deserved strong wooden beams, fresh paint, windows open to the summer breeze, freckled girls and dark-haired boys.

“This is a lot to trust you with.”

“You can trust me, Grant.”

Her words were a promise, a touch of magic, resonating within him, filling a hole he hadn’t known existed.

The words flew out of his mouth. “It’s a deal.”

About the Book:

Delia hears voices, and they love to talk dirty…

Delia Forrest’s magical power is annoying AF. Statues talk to her—everywhere, all the time. Marble satyrs flirt, cemetery angels scold, and alabaster busts spill all the family secrets. Rejected as child for failing to keep her witchcraft under wraps, Delia hides in plain sight as a stone conservator, wielding chisel and brush to heal her friends of stone. When fire guts Delia’s childhood home, she must return to the small town of Coventry, where she finds herself at the mercy of the only man who ever touched her with kindness. But oh, how Grant Wolverton has changed.

Although he is king of an arts and antiquities empire, ruthless Grant Wolverton is a treasure hunter at heart. Before the embers are cold, Grant snatches Delia’s estate out from under her, and secretly hunts the arsonist. Delia’s veiled sensuality captivates him, even though her father is a prime suspect for the crime. Grant hires Delia so he can spy on her, and pleasures her in order to unearth her secrets.

Their ecstasy creates chaos…

The more Grant uses her body, the more he steals Delia’s heart—and feeds her wild magic. But as her gift grows, so, too, grows a dark and hungry force, one that will stop at nothing to claim the estate, enthrall Grant and destroy Delia Forrest.

Title:  Romancing the Stone Witch
Author: Keri Stevens
Publication date: August 27, 2021
Series: Cards of Coventry #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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About the Author:

headshot of author Keri StevensKERI STEVENS lives in rural Kentucky, USA with her very own romance hero, her sons, three cats who found Keri’s house and moved in, and a Very Good Girl dog, who’s snoring provides the white noise so Keri can write.

Keri is an award winning author of sexy, small-town, paranormal romances.