Review: Just Not That Into Billionaires by Annika Martin

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book cover of Just Not That Into Billionaires by Annika MartinJust Not That Into Billionaires
Annika Martin
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

Francine is shocked to find out that visa issues may cause her to lose her life long dream of being an international ballerina. She’s even more shocked to find out that she’s been married to her long ago summer crush, Benny, for the past 10 years. Now she has to pretend to be his doting wife for the next three weeks, and he’ll give her a divorce and fix the visa issue.

Just Not That Into Billionaires is another hilarious, heart warming romance from Ms. Martin. I love the author’s quirky heroines and their idiosyncrasies. Francine is silly and embraces life in a way I wish I could. She is loyal and true to herself and her friends, giving all of herself to each action, project, friendship, etc. 

Francine and Benny’s romance is a combination of the second chance and fake relationship tropes, and it’s 100% awesome. Because we get both POVs we know each really liked the other all those years ago in Vegas. But due to poor timing, misunderstandings, and youthful immaturity, they split and never saw each other again. For Benny, forcing Francine to parade as his wife is a combination of revenge and unfulfilled desire. 

Although things start as a cruel play by Benny, his underlying goodness and their mutual forgotten chemistry takes over, and they form a new friendship that has starts and stops but ultimately pushes through the hurt of the past. They learn to share themselves and admit their true feelings over the course of the book. 

In the end, I fell for Francine and Benny as the pair falls in love. My heart hurt with each hurt and swelled with each step forward. Once again, Ms. Martin creates chaotic, kind, fun-loving characters and stories filled with laughs and heart.

My Rating: A-

About the Book:

Francine is stunned when she discovers she’s been married—for the last ten years—to Benny, her surly, nerdy frenemy she worked with one summer in Vegas.

How in the world did they end up married? Though there was a certain drunken night….

She tracks Benny down, sure he’ll be as shocked about the marriage as she is, sure he’ll be happy to dissolve their union ASAP so she can get the documents she desperately needs.

She’s surprised to find that Benny is now a cold, wolfish billionaire. And yes, he’ll sign the paperwork…for a price: she has to spend the next three weeks playing his adoring wife.

Release Date: August 10, 2021
Standalone; Billionaires of Manhattan #6
Contemporary Romance, Rom-Com
paperback (262 pages), e-book
Book Source: Author

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