Sunday Snippet: Reinventing Herself by DJ Martin

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Reinventing Herself

Author: DJ Martin
Publisher: The Herby Lady, LLC
Release Date: August 31, 2021
Series: Standalone
Genre: Paranormal Women’s Fiction


Book cover of Reinventing Herself by DJ MartinThe following afternoon, my daughter had left to go back to her own life. I sat alone on the deck with my five o’clock glass of wine and looked at the perfection surrounding me. It was too perfect. Nature didn’t artistically arrange flowers in swirls of color, nor did it like lawns of manicured Bermuda grass sprayed with chemicals so there wasn’t a single dandelion to mar the smooth, green carpet.

“I can’t wait to leave this place,” I said to Coop, who was now my only companion. “I want something that’s not perfect, just nice. Quiet would be good, too. I’m tired of the sound of cars and golf carts whizzing by, occasionally drowned out by the drone of lawn mowers and electric hedge clippers.”

A larger place to run and chase squirrels would be nice,” I heard.

I looked around and saw no one besides me and Coop. Was I going crazy in my solitude? Since when did I start hallucinating on only a half glass of wine?

I looked down at Coop, who was curled up next to my chair. “Did you say something?”

Coop raised his head and looked at me. “Yes. I said a larger place to run and chase squirrels would be nice.”

I was going crazy. I was hearing my dog speak. “You’re talking to me?”

I could always speak to you. You just weren’t listening.” Same man’s baritone-range voice coming from nowhere I could tell, just in my head. I looked at him incredulously.

A sigh echoed in my head. “Some humans can hear other species. You’re one of them.”

I drained my wine glass in one gulp and went inside for a refill. Coop followed, his nails clicking loudly on the hardwood floor. “I need to take you to get your nails clipped,” I muttered.

Can you request the female groomer with glasses? She’s gentler than the others. She smells good, too.”

God. This was going to take some getting used to. “Why now?”

I don’t know the answer to that. I think you should ask your mother. Or that other female in your line. They could probably explain it.”

I looked down at my dog. “You’re telling me Mom and Aunt Beth can hear you?”

My dog bobbed his head up and down in a very human nod. “We had lovely conversations when they were here after your mate died.”

I grabbed the phone and dialed Florida.

“El, what a lovely surprise!” Mom said even before “hello.” “How are you holding up?”

“I called because I’m going crazy,” I said. “I can hear Coop in my head.”

“Oh.” the chagrin in her voice was almost palpable. “I probably should have told you after the funeral, but it didn’t seem the right time.”

“Well, it’s the right time now. What the hell is happening to me?”

“Sit down. It’s a lot to take in. I’d prefer to do this in person and had planned on it at Christmas, but that’s now too late.”

Pouring myself another glass of wine, I migrated to my favorite chair in front of the fireplace in the family room. Coop curled up on the rug at my feet. “Okay, I’m sat. Tell me!”

She sighed. “All the women in our family can hear other species. Not all other species, though. I think that would truly drive us over the edge. But what they call higher orders. Mammals, birds, reptiles, I think, although the geckos around here don’t talk to me.

“I’ll tell you, the communication on our end only happens when you speak aloud.” I sighed with relief. My thoughts couldn’t be read. “But you’ll hear everything else in your head.

“The ability usually manifests with menopause, but I don’t think you’re there yet.”

“I’m not. Just perimenopausal.” I abhorred the hot flushes, the mood swings were horrible, and the fact that my period was no longer regular was irritating.

“I figured as much. But you’ve had a huge shock with Thomas’ early death, which has probably thrown your hormones all out of whack. That’s probably what precipitated it.”

About the Book:

Ellen Mackay never imagined herself a widow at forty-nine.

After nearly thirty years of being a socialite wife and mother, Ellen is left alone to rattle around a mansion of a house with only the dog for company. It’s time to make a change, but to what?

While she ponders what to do, she starts hearing her dog talk. Is Has she finally lost it? No, according to her mother. It’s an inherited gift that usually manifests at menopause, but, well, Ellen isn’t there, yet. And it’s not just the dog, but most animals. Then there’s the ability to actually see paranormal species, like gnomes, fairies, and yes, vampires. Lucky her.

She finally moves to what she thinks is the perfect house in the mountains. But it’s not all peace and quiet when people start getting killed on the hiking path just beyond her property a few months after she relocates.

Most of the local sheriff’s department don’t believe in the paranormal but one handsome sergeant does. Can they figure out who – or what – the perpetrator is and stop the carnage?

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