Tell Me Something Tuesday: August 24, 2021

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August 24th: Do you have any pets? Tell us about them (past or present)

photo of two kittens cuddling
Charlie (l) and Coco (r) at the SPCA the day we adopted them.

I have two wonderful cats: Charlie and Coco. They are litter mates that we adopted from the SPCA four years ago as kittens. They turned four on May 1st. When we went to adopt them, the pair were cuddly and after hanging out with a few, decided they were the right fit for our family. For their first three years, the pair were inseparable – often one would meow until reconnected with the other.

These days, they aren’t quite so cuddly with one another, but still with us. Charlie is huge – over 16 pounds at his last vet appointment. He’s silly and fun, but after something spooked the cats in the spring, he will go after Coco once in a while (not in a playful way). Coco has always been a little bit skittish, especially with new humans. Now she is even more so, leery of Charlie and will his at him if she doesn’t want to be bothered. After we put both cats on diets last fall, she has lost her extra pounds and was between 10 – 11 pounds over the summer.

photo of cat stretching on back
Coco cuddling in the morning, Summer 2021.
photo of cat lying on ground
Charlie demonstrating his “superman” pose, Summer 2021.

Prior to Charlie and Coco, we had two long haired cats, Nicky and Oscar. They were six months apart. Nicky was an indoor/outdoor cat for final seven years of his life and survived a raccoon, bee sting, cut from a fence, and falling into the marsh, finally passing at the age of 17. Oscar, our lovable, not-so-bright cat, died of loneliness two months after Nicky passed.

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